Foldable Stacking Grey Warehouse Picking Bins Foldable Stacking Grey Warehouse Picking Bins

Material: Non-toxic polypropylene Size: 425mm x 325mm x 300mm, or customized Color: Grey, or customized Usage: Warehouse, supermarket, etc Sample: Free Feature: Stackable, reusable, foldable, durable, recyclable, printable, etc.

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Product Description

What are warehouse picking bins?

Warehouse picking bins are ideal for storing and organizing all different types of parts and supplies. There have various raw materials to make picking bins, such as wood, pvc sheet, cardboard, polypropylene, etc. Our warehouse picking bins are made of non-toxic polypropylene, it's a kind of plastic material.

The picking box is perfect for any warehouse that needs to pick inventory or supplies quickly and without error. Many products can be stored using these picking boxes, such as fasteners,hoses, valves,  hardware, parts, clothes and many other products.

These warehouse picking bins are useful because you will always know the location of each item(You need to put a label on the bottom edge of each box. After a long time, you will clearly know the location of each product.), allowing you to quickly pick that item for internal use or complete the sale. The warehouse picking box used for sorting usually has an open hopper on the front, so the goods inside can be easily taken.

We can also customize picking bins of different colors for you to distinguish different types or models of products more quickly.

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Welcome to choose our warehouse picking bins

We also can customize size, color and sheet thicknees for you. If you need corrugated plastic warehouse picking bins, please don't hesitate to contact us, you can fill the form below, or send an email to we will get back to you within 8 hours and also can arrange a free sample for you!

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