4x8 Corrugated Plastic/Coroplast Sheets

The 4' x 8' corrugated plastic sheet(also known as 4' x 8' coroplast sheet, 48" x 96" coroplast board, 1220mm x 2440mm correx sheet) is made of environmentally friendly recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) and various auxiliary materials.
Features of 4x8 coroplast sheets:

4' x 8' coroplast sheet has the characteristics of eco-friendly, lightweight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, rich colors, anti-aging, cost-effective, waterproof, printable, customizable, etc. 

Why Choose our 4x8 corrugated plastic sheets:

100% quality guarantee(SGS & ISO 9001 Certified)
Fast delivery (11  fully automatic production lines)
Professional service(10+ years of export experience)


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