Fire Rated Correx Sheets

Fire Rated Correx sheet is made from eco-friendly polypropylene, it also can be called fire retardant correx, fireproof corrugated plastic sheet, fire rated coroplast, flame retardant correx, etc.

Fire rated correx have the characteristics of light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, haevy duty, Good Toughness,Impact resistant,anti-corrosion,Moisture-proof, corrosion resistance and various colors. 

Fire Rated Correx sheets can be used as protection sheets to protect the floors, stairs, windows, or some special products.

Fire rated coroplast also can be made into fireproof packaging boxes to store or transport some products.

Usually flame-retardant correx sheets are divided into three grades, V2, V1 , V0. The flame-retardant hollow board can automatically extinguish after leaving the fire source and will not become a fire-inducing material.


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