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Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Plastic Corrugated Containers

Made of high-quality correx/coroplast/corrugated plastic sheets, corrugated plastic boxes/bins/totes/cases/containers are similar in styles, appearance and purpose to corrugated paper, but corrugated plastic boxes can be reused more times than carton box. So plastic corrugated bins are becoming popular packagine choice for storage and shipping. With corrugated plastic boxes, the companies can reduce costs if the application and distribution cycle allows for the return of containers to the shipper.

Pp corrugated boxes are often made in many sizes and shapes, our pp corrugated bins range in thickness from 3mm to 5mm for better protection when storing, stacking, handling or transporting goods to a new facility.

Types of Corrugated Plastic Boxes

We are a professional corrugated plastic box manufacturer&supplier, we can customize various styles of corrugated plastic bins/coroplast box/corflute bin, such as postal totes corrugated plastic, stackable correx picking bins for warehouse, corrugated plastic shelf bin, wardrobe box for moving, vegetable& fruits packaging box, seafood box, ESD pp corrugated box, correx nuc box, corrugated plastic pet carrier, plastic core box, coroplast recycling bin, etc. With rich experience in the industry, we have the expertise to design and manufacture custom corrugated plastic boxes.

Features of corrugated plastic bins

  • Coroplast boxes are easy to clean

  • Flexible design ( such as thickness , sizes, colors or GSM )

  • 100% recyclable ( can be used 60 times , or the materials be recycled )

  • Pp corrugated boxes can be made into ESD or conductive

  • Correx container is waterproof , more durable and sabutary than cardboard

  • Coroplast bin are cleaner than cardboard

  • Reusable / Returnable - Multiple uses


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