Pallet Sleeve Boxes, Plastic Gaylord Box Container

Pallet sleeve boxes are also named foldable pallet boxes, plastic gaylord pallet containers, corrugated plastic gaylord containers, plastic gaylord boxes, or folding pallet boxes. The corrugated plastic gaylord containers are made up of a pallet base, a top lid, as well as a foldable sleeve. The pallet and top lid are normally manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE). And the sleeve is made of high strength, high payload Triple Wall polypropylene (PP) structural material also referred to as “honeycomb”.  

Features of collapsible plastic pallet box and pp honeycomb board

  • Easy to assemble, Shock resistance

  • High strength, low weight, recyclable and eco-friendly

  • Space-saving: reduce 80% of the volume

  • Regular colors are black, gray, blue, white, or custom

  • The thickness range is 3.5-13mm or custom

  • Dimensions can be customized upon request

Applications of plastic gaylord box:

Plastic gaylord container performs well in the fields of auto parts, car battery packs, car headlights, car circuit assemblies, flower and tree transportation, vegetable transportation, electronic displays, new energy vehicle battery packs, and other fields.


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