Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards

Corrugated plastic tree guard(also known as corflute tree guard, plastic sapling tree protector) is a perefect solution for protecting young trees against damage from mowers and trimmers, sunscald, rodent damage and deer damage. Also can be used as protection when transport packing. Our corflute vine/tree protectors are made of corrugated plastic which makes them more flexible than other materials of tree guards.

Features of corflute tree protectors

  • UV Stabilised Polypropylene

  • Corflute tree guards are easy to install

  • Rigid sturdy construction

  • RE-useable and fully recyclable

  • Our plastic plant guards are available with various colors, like white, light green, transparent, etc

  • various shapes available like triangle, circle and square, etc

  • Custom color, size, shape, thickness, printing, design, etc

Plastic Tree Guards Benefits

  • The tree protectors can stop animals damage (especially deer antler rub and jack rabbits)

  • Prevent direct sunlight, reflect excess sunlight, and protect seedlings from exposure

  • Prevent damage to saplings when spraying pesticides

  • Our sapling protectors prevent the young trees from being accidentally injured when the machine cleans up weeds.


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