Fruit / Vegetable/Seafood Packaging Boxes

Corrugated plastic box (also known as coroplast box, corflute box, correx box) is a kind of very popular plastic boxes made of pp corrugated sheets, the material is ecofriendly polypropylene.

Because of coroplast packaging box's many significant advantages, it is widely used for packaging vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc.

Features of PP corrugated plastic fruits&vegetables&seafood box:

1. Light weight, strong rigidity, impact resistance, durable

2. Pp corrugated box is waterproof, moisture-proof and washable

3. Chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and fade resistance

4. Correx packing box is reusable, recyclable

5. Food grade packaging, safe and non-toxic

6. Excellent surface of food packing box is easy to print

7. Can be folded, saving storage space when the box is not in use

8. Coroplast packaging boxes are cost-effective


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