Custom Corrugated Plastic Products

Using corrugated plastic desk dividers is a great way to instantly help minimize the spread of germs and create a level of social distancing for people. 

Whether it is a student or an office worker, using an isolation board is a very good choice.

The corrugated plastic desk divider is light in weight, can be folded, and is convenient to carry around.

The correx dest divider is easy to use and can be used when opened.

The coroplast desk divider is made of hollow board, which is safe and environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell.

The coroplast desk divider is very economical and affordable, and everyone in need can buy it.

The corrugated pp desk divider is moisture-proof and waterproof. If water is accidentally spilled on it, it will not affect its use, it's also strong and durable.


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