Custom ESD Corrugated Plastic Box With Dividers, Factory Direct Sale Custom ESD Corrugated Plastic Box With Dividers, Factory Direct Sale

ESD Corrugated Plastic Boxes are a kind of box that have anti-static function. It is widely used in various fields, especially in the electronics industry.The ESD pp corrugated box is 10^6-10^9Ω; the conductive box is generally 10^3-105Ω! Our esd pp boxes can customize production, free sample,welcome to consult

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Product Description

ESD Corrugated Plastic Boxes play a vital role in our daily lives. Are you still worried about transporting electronic products, our products are very suitable for you. Source factory can customize production, factory price,quality is 100% guaranteed. There are many things that have high requirements of safe storage,such as components, pcbs, and reels. More importantly,electrostatic discharge creates a spark or flame, which can cause a fire when exposed to flammable substances. Static electricity will also interfere with the working state of the internal circuit of the electronic equipment, affecting the service life of the electronic equipment. Even, when static electricity accumulates to a certain extent, it can cause an explosion.

More information: 

1. Optional: antistatic

2. Anti-static index :10^6-10^11Ω.

3. flexible and customizable,printable

4. durable

5. eco-friendly

The anti-static pp corrugated box has an anti-static effect by adding an anti-static masterbatch. The main material is the corrugated plastic sheet. Using it can significantly help us reduce losses caused by static electricity. We ought to attach great importance to the electrostatic safety problem.

The features are as follows:

  • Lightweight and impact-resistant

  • durable,can be used for quite a long time 

  • cost-effective

  • flexible and customizable, you can choose to what to print on the box

  • environmentally friendly

Specifications of esd polypropylene corrugated box: 

1. Material : PP ( polypropylene) + Antistatic masterbatch

2. Size: can be customized according to client's actual needs

3. Thickness: can be customized  

4. Printing: accept

5. Sample: free samples for you 

Application of ESD Corrugated Plastic Box: 

1.Electronic industry

2.Hardware industry

3.Machinery industry

4.Automobile industry

5. transportation industry

6.Mechanical industry

7.Home appliance industry



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