Flute Polypropylene Corrugated Plastic Sheet Flute Polypropylene Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Flute polypropylene corrugated sheets are new material of packaging boxes. They are environmental protection, Non toxic, waterproof, high strength,Good Toughness, recyclable . The size is flexible , Compared with the plastic box, there has no expensive mold fee. More durable than cartons. Flute polypropylene corrugaed sheets are widely used in industry, agriculture, automobile industry, electrical equipment industry etc .

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Product Description
Recycled PP Coroplast Cage

Flute polypropylene corrugated sheet

  Products Information:

1. Light weight 

2. Optional : Ordinary / antistatic / Flame retardant

3. Screen printing & customized options available

4. Econamical , reusable & recyclable 

5. Sonic welded / Heatsealing / Double nail bindi (durability)

6. 100% recyclable / Non toxic 

Test of PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Products details : 

1. Material : PP ( polypropylene)

2.  Size : Customized according to requirements ( Flexible ) 

3. Thickness : 2-12mm  available 

4. Shape : ODM / OEM

5. Sample : Free sample

6.  compression resistance &Protective & Cushioning

Application : 

  1. Electronics

  2.  Medical

  3.  Packaging and Printing

  4.  Transportation and Logistics

  5.   Packaging and storage 

  6.   Agriculture and Others



Tensile Strength
Elogation at break %≥150≥50≥150≥50≥200≥60≥200≥60≥200≥60
Honrizontal CompressionN≥1300≥1200≥1100≥1000≥900
Vertical CompressionN≥65≥180≥220≥260≥350
Tear StrenhthN≥50≥60≥70≥80≥90


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