Blank Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs can Die Cutting 18*24 48*96 with H stake Blank Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs can Die Cutting 18*24 48*96 with H stake

Blank corrugated plastic yard signs are most popular widely used in Advertising sign. It can be Corona treatment, or UV treatment and easy to work with assemble. The corona and UV-treated , PP hollow panels can be used outdoors for a longer period of time, and the color is not easy to fall off. Better adhesion during printing. Make printed content clearer. They are widely used in election boards, road signs, portrait cards, safety signs, yard signs, real estate signs, various marketing signs, lawn decorative signs, warning signs, special event signs, decorative signs, display boards, etc. Various indoor or outdoor signs.

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Product Description


Tech Tips– Corona treating increases the surface energy of most plastic materials. The result after corona treatment is a surface that is unchanged to the naked eye but is much more receptive to inks, coatings, and adhesives. Corona treatment will degrade over time. It is recommended that when a material is stored that it remains to stretch wrapped until ready for use. 


1. Size :12"x18" | 12"x24" | 18"x24" | 24"x24" | 24"x36" | 24"x48" | 36"x48" | 8' × 4' | 48"x96" | 4' × 6' | or customized

2. Thickness (Popular): 3mm 4mm 5mm

3. Printed Sides: Single or double-sided 


1. Indoor or outdoor signs

2. Show / warning / Exhibition signs 

3. Lawn decoration / Yard signs

4. Political and election signs

5. Real estate signs

6. Road signs / Open house signs

7. Special event signage

8. Others advertising sign





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