Custom Recyclable 48x96 Corflute Sheet / Board , Coroplast Custom Recyclable 48x96 Corflute Sheet / Board , Coroplast

corflute sheet / board are widely used in foreign countries and gradually replaces some corrugated paper packaging materials. Now some domestic companies are also developing it as a building decoration material! PP hollow board is widely used in advertising backgrounds, stationery materials, industrial packaging, product shock prevention, etc. because of its wide range of applications and convenient use. We most commonly have turnover boxes, advertising boards, flat mop, and sapling protection. , Floor protection, etc. The hollow board is made of environmentally friendly, non-polluting and recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP). It has high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame resistance and aging resistance. At present, the plastic sheet widely used in the world

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Product Description
Corflute PP Corrugated Plastic Cardboard Sheets

Corflute sheet / board

  Products Information:

1. Light weight ( Cost Effective )

2. Optional : Ordinary / antistatic / Flame retardant / Anti-UV 

3. Screen printing & customized options available

4. Econamical , reusable & recyclable 

5. Sonic welded / Heatsealing / Double nail bindi (durability)

6. 100% recyclable / Non toxic / Good toughness / High strength


 Products details : 

1. Material : PP ( polypropylene) 

2. Size : Customized according to requirements ( Flexible ) 

3. Thickness : 2-12mm  available ( Usually 2-5mm )

4. Shape : ODM / OEM ( Square, round, triangular )

5. Sample : Free sample 

6. Compression resistance &Protective & Cushioning

PP Fluteboard Coroplast Shelters Tree Trunk Green Plant Protectors

 Products details : 

1.Advertising signs ( Yard sign, Election sign etc)

2.Layer pad( for bottles and cans )

3.Protection sheet (To protect the floor / wall)

4.Packaging and printing ( To turnver products )

5.Tree guard ( To Protect the seedling ) etc



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