Custom Corrugated Plastic Outdoor Sign Board Coroplast Sign Custom Corrugated Plastic Outdoor Sign Board Coroplast Sign

The corrugated plastic outdoor sign board is made of high quality corrugated plastic sheets, the raw material is polypropylene. Corrugated plastic signs are very popular in the advertising industry . Our coroplast sign is waterproof, lightweight, and durable, it’s quite portable to use. 1. Easy to clean 2. Flexible design (such as thickness, sizes, colors, or GSM) 3. 100% recyclable (can be used 60 times, or the materials are recycled) 4. Material is waterproof, more durable, and sanitary than cardboard 5. Cleaner than cardboard (No paper dust) 6. Reusable / Returnable - Multiple uses.

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Are you planning an outdoor event and need a striking sign that people can see from the road? Well, Huiyuan custom corrugated plastic outdoor sign board is your perfect outdoor sign choice! They are weather resistant and durable enough for any occasion. Such as sporting events, concerts, or gatherings in your favorite outdoor spaces. They also have the advantage of being cost-effective and easy to carry and install.

we can do all of your designs and other special processing requirements ( Offer you 100% Customized made service )

Product Description
  1. Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. offers a variety of sizes and custom-printed plastic outdoor sign boards, temporary signs, advertising promotional boards and corrugated plastic yard signs according to your unique design. Usually made of durable corrugated plastic.

  2. Applications of coroplast signs

  3. (1) The raw material used in the corrugated plastic sign is PP or PE, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, and tasteless. It is often used for billboards, large screens, road signs, temporary operation signs, dangerous road signs, courtyard signs, etc.

  4. (2) Corrugated plastic signs can be used to make a statement for a low cost. Each of our corrugated plastic signs is professionally printed using vibrant colors.

  5. (3) It is perfect for outdoor use with the included stake or can be used indoors as well.

  6. (4) The correx sign provide the most economical form of advertising and can be displayed along roadsides or in front of stores. It can also be mounted anywhere without the stand.

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  8. Advantages of corrugated plastic outdoor sign board

  9. (1) The advertising industry is extremely picky about the aesthetics and flatness of the materials used, and the aesthetics of the correx sheet just meets the needs of the advertising industry.

  10. (2) The PP correx sign can be cut into various shapes according to the user's personal needs and preferences.

  11. (3) It can also be customized in various sizes and thicknesses.

  12. (4) The surface of the corrugated plastic signs can be subjected to various patterns and silk screens according to the needs of customers, mainly in white and green, and can provide single-color printing and multi-color printing.

  13. (5) PP corrugated plastic sign is not a disposable sheet. It can also be recycled and reused, and from a long-term perspective, it can also save total costs.

  14. (6) It is inevitable that there will be dust and stains after a long time, but it only needs to be wiped and dried. The waste rate is low, which saves customers unnecessary economic investment in the later period. Therefore, the corrugated plastic sign is better than the plastic board.

Product Delivery
Plastic Suitcase Box

Factory Appearance

100% Customized service and 100% High quality price:

  • 10000 The factory covers an area of more than

    10000 square meters

  • 45 Production capacity of up to 45 tons per day

  • 21 There are 21 managerial personnel

  • 6 R&D personnel

  • 22 salesman

  • 101 killed production workers.

Business Team

  • Provide customers with the best solution and save costs;

  • Service: 24-hour rapid response;

  • Communicate effectively

  • We offer you 100% custom-made service.

Suzhou huiyuan plastic co., ltd. was established in 2008, is a certified professional corrugated plastic sheet manufacturers, set research and development, sales, design in one.(Near By Shanghai) Is Situated in No.369,Yejin Road, Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.The Factory Area Is Cover More Than 10,000 Square Meters.We Have 6 High Speed production line ,More than 30 automatic machines, Daily production capacity : 45 ton. We have excellent testing equipment and strong technical force .The product variety is complete, the quality is superior, the price is reasonable, the delivery is quick, the service is thoughtful, the design is novel.ISO, CE, SGS, 18 patents. In PP corrugated plastic board, corrugated plastic box, we also with laladi beer, GCL, LG, Canon, samsung, Shanghai gm, saic Volkswagen, GB and other cooperation. Reasonable design and high quality products have been the majority of customers praise.


1.Q: Are you manufacture or trading company?

A: We are manufacture. Our factory has been specializing in corrugated plastic sheets more than 12 years.

2.Q:Can you make product as our design?

A: Of course. We do OEM and ODM.

3.Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Usually 3-7 days. Special cases depend on order quantity and design.

4.Q: Are samples available?

A: Yes, samples are available at any time. We charge some sample cost and will return it during the next order.

5.Q:Could I get your price list?

A: Yes,please tell us the information such as thickness ,GSM, color, purpose(use for)etc.

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