Heavy Duty Plastic Core PP Guard Sheet, Plastic Bubble Board Heavy Duty Plastic Core PP Guard Sheet, Plastic Bubble Board

PP Guard Sheet/Plastic Bubble Board is an alveolar 100% PP sheet with surface covered with non-woven, which combines great versatility and high performances: it is 100% recyclable, non-toxic, resistant to mechanical stress and chemical agents, thermoformable, printable, with a weight range from 1050 gr/sqm to 6500 gr/sqm and a thickness range from 3.5 to 13 mm. The polypropylene honeycomb board with middle honeycomb structure, and one/two flat surfaces with bubble finish. The honeycomb structure inside makes it stronger than correx/corflute/coroplast sheet.

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Product Description

Parameters of pp honeycomb panels

Polypropylene honeycomb panels sheets, pp bubble guard
1050-6000 Gram per Square Meter
  Customized as requirements(Standard Panel:   2440mmx1220mm)
Rough, Matt and Bubble Options
Screen Printing, Digital Printing
Regulor Colors: White, Black, Blue, Grey, other colors can be customized.

Details of polypropylene bubble sheets

Polypropylene hoenycomb core board is made from Polypropylene and has three layers. The outer and the inner layer is sheet of PP which holds the solid rigid hollow bubble that provides strength and shape to the sheet.

Mainly used for Pallet Pack Box, Conpearl Pallet Sleeve, Sleeves for collapsible containers, Trunk floors, Spare tire covers, Car Decoration, Van Liner and Van flooring etc.

We can customize plastic honeycomb boards according to customers' requirements, including colors, sheet thickness, sheet density, shape, printing, etc.

Applications of pp honeycomb boards

The PP Honeycomb Board sheets are widely used in the automotive field as they grant ductility, flexibility, a very cost-effective price. In this branch the applications are mainly the following two: 

1. Packaging

For the realization of cars interiors parts as: head liner, seat-back cover, trunk cover, door panel. In this case the sheet with carpet or textile, can be laminated ‘in-line’ without glue and clearly with a great cost saving

2.Transport and storage

Making plastic pallet sleeve boxes/plastic gaylord container

Available options:

1. Printing with custom graphics

2. Custom colors upon request

3. Anti-static/ESD treatment

4. UV resistance

5. Sealed edges for food applications(polypropylene layer pads)

6. Surface finishes: Haircell , matt, bubble, embossed

7. Surface laminations of fleece, foam or TPO materials


Our various corrugated polypropylene products have been exported to more than 80 countries around the world, and we have established stable and good cooperative relations with many customers.

Our professional team will always try our utmost to provide each of our customers with the most cost-effective corrugated polypropylene honeycomb products and first-class after-sales service.

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