Custom Pp Honeycomb Boards, Polypropylene Honeycomb Core Custom Pp Honeycomb Boards, Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

PP honeycomb board sheets(also known as pp bubble guard sheets) are widely used in the automotive field as they grant ductility, flexibility, a very good price/quality ratio and do not imply the use of glue. Available options of pp honeycomb boards: 1. Printing with custom graphics 2. Custom colors upon request 3. Anti-static treatment 4. UV resistance 5. ESD option available 6. Sealed edges for food applications 7. Surface finishes: Haircell or embossed 8. Surface laminations of fleece, foam or TPO materials

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Product Description

The versatility of PP honeycomb board, the wide range of processing and laminating possibilities (with PP, TPE, Nonwoven, Felt Fabric, Brushed Fabric, Polyester Fabric and PET textile, carpets, EPP foam and other decorative film) makes of this sheet the right replacement for more expensive and less cost-effective materials and the best solution to fulfill the requests of the most disparate branches : automotive, steelworks, woodworks, furniture factories, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, removals, glassworks, food and beverage, graphics, advertising, promotion and logistics.



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