4x8 PP Bubble Guard Sheet Polypropylene Honeycomb Core Board 4x8 PP Bubble Guard Sheet Polypropylene Honeycomb Core Board

Durable PP Bubble Guard Sheet Polypropylene Honeycomb Core Boards exhibit a unique sandwich structure with a honeycomb structure inside and one/two flat surfaces with either bubble finish or flat finish. It's light,waterproof, strong and durable. It is widely used in plastic gaylord pallet box,automotive, packaging, flight cases, floor covering,advertising boards, used as back & side plate, plastic layer pads for pallets, bulkheads and tables or interiors in general.

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Product Description

Parameters of pp bubble guard sheets

Pp bubble guard sheets/boards, polypropylene honeycomb core sheets
1050-6000 Gram per Square Meter
Customized according to customers(Standard in 2000x1000, 2400x1200, 2440x1220)
Rough, Matt and Bubble Options
Screen Printing, Digital Printing
Regulor Colors: Grey, White, Black, Blue, other colors can be customized.

Details of pp honeycomb core board

Polypropylene hoenycomb core board is made from Polypropylene and has three layers. The outer and the inner layer is sheet of PP which holds the solid rigid hollow bubble that provides strength and shape to the sheet.

Mainly used for Pallet Pack Box, Conpearl Pallet Sleeve, Sleeves for collapsible containers, Trunk floors, Spare tire covers, Car Decoration, Van Liner and Van flooring etc.

We can customize plastic honeycomb boards according to customers' requirements, including colors, sheet thickness, sheet density, shape, printing, etc.


Features of plastic honeycomb sheets

* Light Weight - Lighter Than Wood

* Dimension Stability and Waterproof
* Pp honeycomb boards have excellent Compression Strength
* Excellent Surface Appearance
* Corrosion and Rot Resistant
* Pp bubble guard sheets are chemical Resistant
* Easy to Post Process


Our factory covers an area of over 15,000 ㎡. At present, we have 11 advanced production lines with full sets of auxiliary machines running 2 shifts every day.

Main products: Polypropylene hollow sheets (Coroplast /corflute / correx sheets / impraboard / cartonplast), corrugated plastic boxes/bins/totes, PP plasticlayer pads, plastic wardrobe box, outdoor or indoor billboard, display stand, pp bubble guard sheets, pallet sleeve box/plastic gaylord container, etc.

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