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Coroplast polypropylene sheet is often referred to as Corrugated plastic board,Corflute,Correx,danpla,cartonplast, Fluted PP Board,Twinwall Corrugated Sheet ,Pp hollow Sheet ,and it is lightweight (hollow structure), non-toxic, waterproof, shockproof, long-lasting material that resists corrosion. Compared with cardboard, Fluted Polypropylene Sheet has the advantages of being waterproof and colorfast.


Fluted Polypropylene Sheet Specification:


Coroplast polypropylene sheet / PP hollow sheet/correx/corflute


PP (polypropylene)

Width (mm)≤2.6m



Thickness (mm)

2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm


300GSM—3000GSM according to customized



Corona Treated ( Dyne 60+)

Anti-Static/ESD pp corrugated sheets(10^6~10^9)

Conductive (10^3~10^5)

Anti-UV Stabilized plastic corrugated sheets
Flame retardant corflute sheets





Fresh Produce ,Vine and trees Guards( UV resistant)


Partitions Layer pads Velcro tapes Plastic handles Transparent pockets
Stackable boxes Collapsible boxes

Building & Construction

Correx protection boards, Waterproofing project, Construction formworks,Warning signs

Food & Beverage

Bottles making industries ,Beverage industries Food industries ,Packaging

Graphic & Display

Yard signs and real estate signs

Protective Packaging

Backboard of bassinet&TV ,plastic wardrobe box


correx pick bins, corrugated plastic totes, file storage box, corrugated plastic box with dividers


side gate protection panel, PP layer pads, or container floor protection panels

Waste Recycling

corrugated plastic recycling bins

As customzied



Advantages of Coroplast polypropylene sheets :

1) Excellent mechanics property

Because of special structure, plastic cardboard has excellent mechanics performances, such as strong and good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, buffer shock, very high hard, good bending properties and long-time durable;

2) Light weight & materials saving

It has excellent mechanics property, if up to achieve the same result with it, extruding pp hollow board is with low cost, materials saved, light weight;

3) Heat and sound Insulation

It has excellent heat and sound insulation because of its hollow structure, and make the performance of heat and sound transfer much lower than solid board.

4) Anti-static, Conductive and Flame Retardant

Taking modified, mixing and surface spraying etc methods to make corflute sheet with properties such as anti-static, conductive and flame retardant;

5) Stable Chemical Property

When comparing corflute with carton board or wooden board, corflute truly has obvious advantages, such as: chemical resistance, water proof, moisture resistance, excellent weather ability, anti-corrosion and fade resistance.

6) Smooth and beautiful surface and various of colors available

With special technology changing master batch, coroplast polypropylene sheet can be extruded into different colors. Meantime, It also has excellent surface performance for painting and inks jet.

7) Environmental Friendly

Correx has the property of non-toxic and no-pollution, therefore it can be disposed simply without any pollution to the environment. Furthermore, It also can be used with recycling.

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