Correx Plastic Warehouse Pick Bins, Coroplast Picking Boxes

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Our customized Warehouse Pick Bins/boxes/totes are made of Correx are a versatile solution that can be used on shelfs or as a stand-alone, freestanding pick box. Made from twin wall polypropylene corrugated boards, they offer a strong and durable solution with a long lifespan, whilst its lightweight properties offer easy handling and assembly.


Flexible picking system

Manufactured from strong twin wall fluted polypropylene

Wide front opening to maximise picking access

Correx Warehouse Pick Bins are easy to keep clean, moisture resistant surface

Stackable, freestanding design allows bins to be moved between working areas

Stack up to 5 bins in height

Load capacity per bin: up to 5-35kg

Size : Can be flexibly customized according to requirements

Color: Regular colors: Blue, grey, white, black. Or customized colors.

Video of our warehouse plastic picking boxes

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We believe that only high-quality corrugated plastic picking boxes and excellent services can bring us lasting business.
After more than 10 years of development, we have formed a mature quality control system from raw materials to finished products.
All of our raw materials come from fixed suppliers, We check the materials provided to us by our suppliers every time. Moreover, all our products have been certificated by SGS and ISO9001, you can rest assured of our product quality. Welcome to contact us now!
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