Hot Sale Stackable Correx Picking Bins Hot Sale Stackable Correx Picking Bins

Correx picking bins/boxes could be the ideal solution to your industrial packaging and storage needs. Whether your needs are simple or complex, corrugated polypropylene board can reduce your costs. A wide variety of correx plastic picking bins options are available to you, such as size, color, thickness, loading capacity, etc.

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Product Description

Advantages of Huiyuan Corrugated Plastic Boxes:

(1) Under normal circumstances, the turnover times of cartons are usually less than 5 times, and the turnover times of corrugated plastic packaging boxes can exceed 50 times.

(2)Various combinations of corrugated plastic storage. It can be customized into various specifications, colors and sizes.

(3)The corrugated plastic tote is made of PP environmental protection material and has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof. It can be used normally in rainy and humid weather.

(4)Easy to clean keep tidy. Its weight is much lighter than traditional folding boxes.

(5) It can also be printed or laminated on the box according to the customer’s requirements, including the customer’s logo, to make the packaging more high-end.

(6) According to the customer’s special use environment, the box can be made into anti-static, conductive, anti-flame retardant, and anti-UV.

(7) Corruagetd plastic totes are stackable, so it could save your transportation cost and workspace.

corrugated plastic box VS cartoon box



If you are interested in our corrugated plastic picking bins, please let us know. We will be glad to recieve your inquiry.

When you inquire price, please inform us the following details:

(1) Size of the box ( length* width* height*thickness) and quantity.

(2) GSM ( gram per square meter) is very important, if you don't know, we can recommend to you according to products you will store.

(3) Color of box and printing(enclose the artwork and how many sides)

Please don't hesitate to contact us, you can fill the form below, or send an email to we will get back to you within 8 hours and also can arrange a free sample for you!

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