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Corflute sign boards(also known as correx signs, coroplast signs, corrugated plastic signs) are made of high impact copolymer polypropylene resin. Corona treated grade sheets are premium double wall substrates produced to meet the demanding needs of the screen printing and advertising markets. All printing grade boards are produced with a corona treatment level of 55 dynes and are ideal for screen printing and digital printing. The process of corona treatment can increase the adhesion of the printing ink, in addition, our Dyne value can up to 60. So that it is not easy to fall off when used for a long time outdoors, and the longest use time can reach more than 2 years.

corflute sign board applications:

At present, the field of corrugated plastic sheet has been mass-produced, with low cost and high durability, which can be used by customers for a long time without risk. Therefore, most manufacturing companies look forward to offering classic and new plastic sheets in a variety of colors. Hence, it helps customers to choose the best option in a risk-free manner.


Types of printed corflute sheets:

election campaign

special event


 real estate logo

 lawn decoration

 print exhibits

 special show

Specification of coroplast signs:

1. Thickness: from 2mm to 12mm

2. Weight: from 250g/m2 to 2000g/m2

3. Popular sizes: 8" x 24", 24" x 36", 48" x 96"(4'x8' coroplast signs), 12" x 18" any size can be customized(width less than 2600mm)

4. Packing: plastic shrink film and wooden pallet or according to customer requirements;

5. Color: white, black or according to customer requirements;


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