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Suzhou Huiyuan plastic products Co., Ltd. is a leading and professional corrugated plastic manufacturer&supplier in China, providing high-quality corrugated plastic board(also known as twinwall plastic sheet, fluted Polypropylene Sheet, corflute/correx/coroplast sheet. With advanced and imported production lines, we can produce best quality corrugated plastic products and supply complete and cost-effective packaging solution for our customers.

Our main products:

  • Corrugated plastic board: ordinary corflute board, fireproof correx board, anti-static pp corrugated board, conductive pp hollow board, anti-ultraviolet board, corona treated corrugated plastic sign board, etc.

  • Corrugated plastic bin: electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, corrugated plastic divider box, anti-static hollow board turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box, vegetable and fruit packaging box, seafood packaging box, plastic wardrobe box, medicine packaging box, Waste bins, etc., are committed to providing products for turnover, packaging, storage and transportation for electronics, hardware, auto parts, instrumentation, packaging, bioengineering, food, logistics and other industries.

  • The design size and specification of the corrugated plastic sign board are very flexible, it is simple and convenient to make, and the production efficiency is very high. Various special-shaped boards can also be customized according to customer requirements. The most used sizes by customers are 18*24, 48*96, 12*24, 18*28, 18*36

  • Correx board & roll floor protection:correx floor protector boards are usually used in building construction, room decoration, floor and wall protection when moving.

  • Corrugated plastic layer pads:
    They are widely applied in the beverage
    and food industry as a divider sheet for moving glass bottles, beverage and food containers.

  • Corrugated plastic tree protectors
    The use of plastic corrugated tree guards can prevent the seedlings from being damaged by frost, drought, sunburn, wind and sand, pests, birds and beasts.

  • Delta traps:
    These traps are used for monitoring and mass trapping pest insects.

  • The leaf and lawn chutes can be used outdoors. It is a must-have product for a civilized and clean city, it’s perfect for cleaning fall leaves.

  • The corrugated plastic sneeze guard also can be called plastic cardboard sneeze protector, coroplast plastic sneeze guard, correx sneeze guard, is a lightweight and environmentally friendly guard to protect people against airborne particles.

  • Other customized corrugated plastic products


As a leading pp corrugated sheet manufacturer and supplier, we are distinguished not only in production, procurement, storage and dispatching goods, but also be reliable and dedicating in the following aspects:


1.Strict Quality Control

Our ISO 9001:2000 quality management system assures that our operations meet international standards. We ensure strict quality control in our own factory. 100% test is obligatory for every product before deliver.

2.High-quality Products

All our corrugated polypropylene products have been certified by SGS and ISO 9001, we already have 15 years of export experience.

3.Competitive Price

As one of leading pp corrugated sheet manufacturers, we are competitive in price. Meanwhile, as local professional producer, we gain good support from other company. We’ve been selling to more than 30 countries regularly, including most quality critical market and most price competitive market.

4.Customer-made Design

Whatever new design corrugated plastic products, we are sure to  try our utomost to satisfy you. We will offer the best and economical solution for you all the time.

5.Technical Support

With an outstanding professional plastic products team, we are able to offer technical support before and after sales. In a market with all kinds of prices for same product, you will no more be confused. 

6.Fast Delivery

For honest order proposals, we prepare goods in sight of your payment draft, instead of arrival in bank account. As soon as it arrives, we will deliver goods immediately.

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