Mass Custom Corrugated Folding Boxes ,Any Size And Thickness Mass Custom Corrugated Folding Boxes ,Any Size And Thickness

Material: Environment-friendly polypropylene Size: customized Thickness: 3mm-6mm, or customized Density(GSM): 450g-1200g Color: Blue or customized Usage: Transport or store products Sample: Free ODM/OEM: Accept MOQ: 500PCS Feature: Lightweight, foldable, reusable, waterproof, strong and durable, etc

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Product Description

Custom Corrugated Folding Boxes:The perfect fusion of sturdiness and space

Using high-strength materials to construct a sturdy skeleton, ensuring stable load-bearing capacity and protecting the safety of items. Unique folding design, easy storage, space saving, suitable for various storage needs. Whether it's household clutter, travel essentials, or commercial transportation, this foldable skeleton box is perfect for handling. Lightweight, durable, and multifunctional, it is your powerful assistant in life. Choose a foldable skeleton box to enjoy a convenient and organized living experience!



Custom design;
  Material: Corrugated plastic sheet
  Thickness: 3-8mm;
  Color: Any color


  Much durable;
  Reusable & 100% Recyclable


Carton-style boxes;
  Vegetable boxes, Fruits boxes;
  Archive storage box, moving box

  • Durable and reliable:

The folding  box is made of high-strength and lightweight materials, ensuring that it is both sturdy and durable. Whether for home use or commercial use, it can easily tackle various challenges and provide the best protection for your items. Its unique skeleton design not only enhances the structural strength of the box, but also ensures its stability and load-bearing capacity.

  • Save space and easily handle it:

The biggest highlight of this folding  box is its foldable design. When you don't need to use it, it can easily fold into a flat state, taking up almost no space. This means you can easily store it in any corner, such as a closet, garage, or basement, without worrying about occupying valuable storage space. When you need it, simply unfold it to restore its sturdy skeleton shape.

  • Multi purpose, one box for multiple purposes:

It can serve as a home storage box for storing clothes, toys, books, etc; It can also be used as a commercial transport box for loading goods, documents, equipment, etc; Even as a travel suitcase, it can provide convenience for your travel. Its sturdy structure and versatility make it an essential companion in your life.

In summary, our foldable skeleton box seamlessly blends durability with space, providing you with an unprecedented storage experience. It is not only sturdy and durable, but also easy to save space, making your life more convenient and orderly

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