Custom Fruit Packaging Boxes,Support Nationwide Delivery Custom Fruit Packaging Boxes,Support Nationwide Delivery

Material: Environment-friendly polypropylene Size: customized Thickness: 3mm-6mm, or customized Density(GSM): 450g-1200g Color: Blue or customized Usage: Transport or store products Sample: Free ODM/OEM: Accept MOQ: 5000PCS Feature: Lightweight, foldable, reusable, waterproof, strong and durable, etc

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Product Description

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, ensuring food safety; Superior buffering performance, reducing fruit damage; Lightweight and durable, reducing packaging costs; Waterproof and moisture-proof, keeping fruits dry; Personalized customization to meet diverse needs. Overall, hollow board fruit boxes are an ideal choice for fruit packaging.



Custom design;
  Material: Corrugated plastic sheet
  Thickness: 3-8mm;
  Color: Any color


  Much durable;
  Reusable & 100% Recyclable


Carton-style boxes;
  Vegetable boxes, Fruits boxes;
  Archive storage box, moving box

Features of Fruit Packaging Boxes

Durability: The hollow board is made of high-quality and non-toxic PP polypropylene and polyethylene materials, with high structural strength, not easily damaged, able to withstand heavy loads and a certain degree of impact, suitable for long-distance transportation and frequent turnover.

Moisture-proof and waterproof: Hollow board materials have excellent moisture-proof performance, which will not soften or crack like paper boxes when exposed to water. They can protect fruits from moisture erosion and maintain freshness.

Health and safety: PP polypropylene material reaches food grade, non-toxic and odorless, ensuring food safety during fruit packaging process. It is easy to clean and disinfect, and can still maintain cleanliness and hygiene after repeated use.

Environmental sustainability: Hollow panels are recyclable materials with a long service life. After proper maintenance, they can be reused multiple times, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution.

Multifunctionality: In addition to basic packaging functions, it can also be designed into different shapes and sizes according to needs, with strong customization and additional functions such as insulation, sound insulation, and breathability.

Lightweight: Although sturdy and durable, hollow panels are lighter and easier to handle and stack than traditional materials of equal strength due to their hollow structure inside.

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