Large Corrugated Plastic Correx Pick Bins, Picking Boxes For Warehouse Large Corrugated Plastic Correx Pick Bins, Picking Boxes For Warehouse

Correx pick bins/boxes/totes are the ideal solution for warehouse storage and pharmaceutical distribution. They are made of non-toxic and Eco-friendly polypropylene, widely recognized by various industries. Huiyuan Plastics can provide design solutions and custom plastic picking bins of various sizes, designs, printings and colors according to the requests of customers. Features of Correx picking bins: 1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-aging 2. Eco-friendly, recyclable, food grade 3. Reusable 4. Lightweight and durable, abrasion-resistant 5. Foldable to save shipping costs 6. Stackable to reduce storage space 7. Factory-direct sales, lower price 8. 100% quality assurance

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  • Corrugated plastic shelf bins can transport goods safely and can be repeated many times for a long service life.

  • People often use pp corrugated pick bins to store inventory because they can be stacked to make the warehouse look extra neat and tidy.

  • For the worn Huiyuan warehouse picking boxes, don't throw them away. Our raw materials are all made of high-quality environmentally friendly polypropylene, which can be completely recycled.

  • Because corrugated pp shelf bins have a smooth appearance, they are easy to clean and can be wiped directly with water.

  • During the delivery process, when Huiyuan plastic picking bins touch or rub against the goods, there will be no paper scraps, which ensures the quality of the goods and smooth delivery.

we can do all of your designs and other special processing requirements ( Offer you 100% Customized made service )

Product Description

Correx pick bins, also known as correx picking bins, PP corrugated pick bins,Corrugated plastic shelf bins coroplast storage bins, etc, boxes are specially designed to organize messy items. Correx plastic picking boxes are foldable and stackable. It is beautiful and functional without taking up space. Using the right plastic pick bins can play an important role in your life and work.

Advantage of correx pick boxes warehouse picking boxes: 

  1. Utilizing these corrugated pp shelf bins can improve productivity, minimize fulfillment times and help to eliminate picking errors.

  2. Facilitates zoned storage in distribution centers, warehouses, and retail spaces to meet volume requirements for your specific operational space constraints.

  3. With the compressive resistance and bearing capacity of rigid strength, it is safer to stack into shelves.

  4. The size and specification you want can be customized for you.

  5. Extremely lightweight yet strong and durable.

  6. Easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria, more guarantee of product quality

  7. Simple installation and easy pickup.

  8. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-oxidation.

  9. Rich and bright colors, can also print patterns and laminations.

  10. We are the real manufacturer, the price is more competitive.

    Our cases of correx pick bins: 

Product Delivery
Plastic Suitcase Box

Factory Appearance

100% Customized service and 100% High-quality price:

  • 10000 The factory covers an area of more than

    10000 square meters

  • 45 Production capacity of up to 45 tons per day

  • 21 There are 21 managerial personnel

  • 6 R&D personnel

  • 22 salesman

  • 101 killed production workers.

Business Team

  • Provide customers with the best solution and save costs;

  • Service: 24-hour rapid response;

  • Communicate effectively

  • We offer you 100% custom-made service.

We believe that only high-quality corrugated plastics and excellent services can bring us lasting business.
After more than 10 years of development, we have formed a mature quality control system from raw materials to finished products.
All of our raw materials come from fixed suppliers, We check the materials provided to us by our suppliers every time. Moreover, all our correx plastic products have been certificated by SGS and ISO9001, you can rest assured of our product quality. If you need correx pick boxes/bins, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer. Our factory has been specializing in correx pick bin/box since 2008.

2. Q: Can you make the product as our design?

A: Of course. We do OEM and ODM.

3. Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Usually 7-15 days. Special cases depend on order quantity and design.

4. Q: Are samples available?

A: Yes, samples are available at any time. We charge some sample costs and will return it during the next order.

5. Q: Could I get your price list?

A: Yes, please tell us the information such as thickness, GSM, color, purpose(use for), etc.

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