Custom Laminated PP Fluted Correx Sheets Coroplast Panels Custom Laminated PP Fluted Correx Sheets Coroplast Panels

Huiyuan Fluted Correx sheet is made of environmentally friendly non-toxic polypropylene. We can prepare different percentages of boards according to your application. On the premise of the best interests of customers, we manufacture high-quality products. Our pp corrugated boards are lightweight, durable, hard-wearing, and 100% recyclable. Welcome to contact us to customize your corrugated plastic products. Size: Width less than 2600mm, length can be customized Color: Customized according to your requirements Thickness: 2-12 mm Material: Non-toxic polypropylene Design: ODM/OEM Sample: A4 size free MOQ: 500KG

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Product Description

Laminated PP fluted correx sheets are a kind of protective sheet bonded together by covering and PP corrugated sheets. Commonly used covering materials include foam cotton, flannelette, Brushed Fabric, etc. Fluted correx boards are made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene, which can be made into various products, such as boxes, sapling protection, wardrobes, chicken coops, coroplast signs, PP layer pads, etc.

Laminated PP fluted correx sheets are often used in the following scenarios:

  • Packaging industry: coroplast boards can be used to package fragile items, electronic products, toys, and other items to provide additional protection during transportation.

  • Storage place: It can be used for storage and handling of items in the warehouse to prevent items from being damp, scratched, and damaged.

  • Logistics transportation: corrugated plastic sheets can be used in the logistics and transportation industry to ensure the safety and protection of goods during long-distance transportation.

  • Exhibition and display: It can be used in exhibition and display places to protect the safety and beauty of exhibits.


Polyester laminated Coroplast sheets have the following features and advantages

  • Protective performance: It can provide an extra protective layer, effectively protecting the PP hollow sheets themselves and the loaded items from damage and scratches.

  • Shockproof and cushioning: It has certain elasticity and cushioning performance, which can reduce the impact of external shock and vibration on the article and protect the integrity of the article.

  • Anti-scratch and pollution: It can prevent the surface of the sheet from being scratched and polluted, and maintain the appearance and service life of corrugated plastic sheets.

  • Increase the anti-skid performance: It can increase the surface friction coefficient of correx sheets and improve the stability and safety of loaded items.


Huiyuan pp box supplier fluted polypropylene sheet manufacturers

Our company has been relying on technological progress, equipment updates, and continuous training of employees to ensure the company's position in the plastics industry. The company will continue to uphold the spirit of quality service and integrity management as the foundation of business operations, and sincerely cooperate with customers and help each other. We will stick to our credibility and promises, and serve our customers wholeheartedly.

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We are a professional Correx Sheets Manufacturer. We can customize various colors, sizes, and thicknesses according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us for the best price!

About Us


  • Since its establishment, the company has always been market-oriented, serving customers as its purpose, strengthening internal management of the company, and continuously meeting the needs of domestic and foreign customers. 

  • The pp corrugated/correx sheets produced by the company have won the favor of many domestic and foreign customers with stable quality, reasonable price, and perfect service, and have established a long-term supply relationship with it. All kinds of corrugated plastic products sell well in Europe, America, Australia, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries.

  • If you want to buy Coroplast/Corflute/PP hollow boards or other custom plastic products, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will get back to you within 8 hours!


1. Can you make products from our designs?

Of course. We do OEM and ODM.


2. How could I get a sample?

Sample normally is free of charge, but the air express fee is usually borne by the customer.


3. Could I get a price list of your products?

Sure, please kindly tell us your requested details, such as thickness, color, weight(gsm), raw materials request, application and etc. Later we will offer you a quotation for the first time.


4. What's the application of your plastic corrugated sheet?

Our products are widely used in packaging, advertising, decoration, Agriculture,  automobile industry, electrical industry, handbags plate industry, etc.


5. How soon can we get the shipment?

Goods will be shipped 7-14 days after payment.

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