Cheap Black Corrugated Plastic Polypropylene Floor Protector Cheap Black Corrugated Plastic Polypropylene Floor Protector

Black corrugated plastic polypropylene floor protector is an excellent alternative to hardboard sheets. provide floors, doors, stairs, walls, worktops, and windows with effective protection. Our products are made of non-toxic, eco-friendly polypropylene, which is very light, impact-resistant, durable, and waterproof. 100% quality guarantee, favorable price, free sample Choose the best price from the same quality, and choose the best quality from the same price!

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Product Description

Black corrugated plastic polypropylene floor protector is more and more popular, with the development of society. The corrugated plastic floor protection sheets are mainly used in the decoration and construction industry, but the decoration is not an easy task. Because it not only requires a lot of time and money but also needs to pay attention to a lot of things when decorating to ensure the quality of the decoration.

During the whole decoration process, some decoration materials, such as grout or paint, will be spilled on the ground or on the wall, resulting in a mess on the ground and wall, and it is difficult to clean up. And some sharper construction tools will accidentally scratch the ground and wall, if no ground protection measures are taken, it will have a great impact on the ground. At this time, the corrugated plastic polypropylene floor protector is extremely important.

Features :

  Easy, to cut, crease or bend, allowing you to protect any surface

  Huge Choice, available in any color and grades including thickness's up to 12mm    

  Light Weight, but incredibly strong!

●  Impact Protection can withstand bricks, mortar, dropped tools and much more. You can even drive over it including fork-lift trucks!

  Water-Proof, unlike many board and paper products, Corrugated Plastic is completely waterproof and chemical resistant. Paint    spills, drinks, glue and chemicals are no problem for Corrugated Plastic

  Fire Retardant, we can supply Corrugated Plastic in fire retardant grade 


●  Custom Sizes Available                                                 

●  Sheet:1220 x 2440mm(4ft x 8ft)   Roll :1Mx50M*2MM 

●  Thickness: 2MM 250GSM/3MM 350gsm,/4MM 650GSM  

●  Grade: Standard ( or fire retardant) 

●  Colour: Black ,white or else                                  


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