Flexible And Customizable Plastic Stackable Bins Flexible And Customizable Plastic Stackable Bins

Material: pp(polypropylene) Size: costomizable Color: blue, yellow,black, or customized Usage: logistics ,warehouse management, production line Sample: Free Feature: strong and durable structure, foldable, easy to stack, lightweight, recyclable, environmentally friendly MOQ: 500PCS

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Product Description

High quality plastic stackable bins


Plastic stackable bins, also known as picking bins, is a recyclable plastic box widely used in logistics, warehousing, transportation and other fields. It has the characteristics of simple structure, strong load-bearing capacity, easy stacking and storage, and has become an indispensable and important tool in modern logistics and warehousing management.

Advantages of plastic stackable  bins:

  • lmprove space utilization:The stacking design of picking bins makes the space fully utilized and improves the storage capacity of warehouses, freight yards and other places. This helps to reduce warehousing costs and improve logistics efficiency.

  • Reduce transportation costs:Through the standardized and modular design of picking bins, the fast loading and unloading and transportation of goods can be realized. This helps to reduce transportation time, reduce transportation costs, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

  • Improve work efficiency:The easy handling of picking bins makes the handling process of goods easier and faster, reducing labor costs. At the same time, its standardized design simplifies the operation process and improves the work efficiency.

  • Environmentally friendly:It is mainly made of pp(polypropylene)material, which will not cause pollution to the environment.



Product Name:Correx/Coroplast/Corflute Picking Bins Color:

Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Or Customized

Thickness:3 mm-8mmDensity:400GSM-1200GSM
Size:CustomizableSurface:Glossy, Flat
Material:Eco-friendly PP(Polypropylene)Application:Supermarket, Warehouse, Etc
Feature:Environmentally friendly, , foldable, easy to stack, recyclable, strong load-bearing capacitySample:Free

To sum up, plastic stackable bins are widely used in various fields. Therefore, for enterprises and individuals who need to manage and move goods efficiently and orderly, choosing it is undoubtedly a wise decision.


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