Wholesale Cheap High Quaility ESD Pp Corrugated Sheets Wholesale Cheap High Quaility ESD Pp Corrugated Sheets

ESD pp corrugated sheet is made of polypropylene and anti-static particles mixed in a certain proportion. It is an environmentally friendly and multifunctional sheet, which is used for packaging and transportation of electronic products and is the best choice for the electronic industry. Huiyuan ESD corrugated plastic sheets have the most competitive price, are super high quality, and can be customized size according to your requirements. We provide free samples before you place an order.

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ESD pp corrugated sheet is a hollow material board, which has added anti-static function than ordinary pp corrugated board. Plastic ESD corrugated sheet has the characteristics of lightweight, non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and so on. Its material is environmentally friendly polypropylene. ESD corrugated plastic sheet, surface resistance value can reach 10^6 —10^11Ω.

Product Description

Application of anti-static PP corrugated plastic sheets

(1) Transportation industry

At present, the ESD pp corrugated sheets can be made into various turnover boxes. They can be used not only in the transportation industry but also in the warehousing industry. The ESD corrugated plastic box made of anti-static pp corrugated sheets can help people store hardware, electronic parts, precision machinery, etc.

(2) Packaging industry

The packaging industry is the industry that uses the most pp hollow boards. Mainly because the corrugated plastic board is waterproof, not easy to be affected by moisture, corrosion-resistant, shock-proof, and can be made into plastic clapboards of different specifications. For some electronic products and high-precision products, ESD pp corrugated boards are used for packaging, which is more secure for the quality of the products.

(3) Decoration industry

In the decoration industry, correx floor protection is often used to prevent doors, windows, and floors from being damaged and soiled. The anti-static corrugated plastic sheet can be directly used for floor protection, the thickness is generally 2-3mm, and the length is not limited.

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In general, when customers buy antistatic or conductive pp hollow boards, they must find a professional reliable manufacturer. If the resistance values are different, the boards bought will not achieve the desired effect. Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the pp corrugated sheet industry for 15 years. The production of antistatic coroplast sheets is our strength. Our ESD pp corrugated sheets and boxes have stable resistance values and are trustworthy.

If you need antistatic corrugated plastic products, welcome to contact us now!

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