Reusable Antistatic coroplast sheets, 3mm coroplast material Reusable Antistatic coroplast sheets, 3mm coroplast material

The role of the antistatic coroplast sheet is to "prevent", which is to prevent the occurrence of static electricity, that is, to prevent the accumulation of electric charges or prevent the impact of discharge on the surface of the object. Static electricity also often appears in cold and dry winters. For the electronics industry, static electricity is extremely harmful to electronic products, and the appearance of antistatic correx sheets has greatly improved the product qualification rate of this industry. Not only can it be used as a box for storing electronic products, but it can also be used directly as a divider, ESD Layer Pad, etc.

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Product Description

The antistatic coroplast sheet is a multifunctional board made of PP polypropylene. When it is made, it will focus on adjusting the resistivity of the surface of the board. The resistivity of the anti-static coroplast is 10^6-10^11Ω;

Except for the difference in resistivity, the functions of the anti-static correx sheet and the ordinary correx sheet are almost the same. They both have good moisture-proof, flame-retardant, corrosion-resistant, anti-vibration, anti-ultraviolet, sound insulation, anti-aging, and air-permeable functions.

Application of anti static coroplast sheets:

Semiconductor equipment and microelectronic equipment, electronic and electrical, medical and food, precision instruments and biotechnology and other fields.


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In general, when customers buy antistatic or conductive pp hollow boards, they must find a professional reliable manufacturer. If the resistance values are different, the boards bought will not achieve the desired effect. Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the pp corrugated sheet industry for 14 years. The production of antistatic coroplast sheets is our strength. Our anti-static correx sheets and boxes have stable resistance values and are trustworthy.

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