Coroplast Yard Signs Outdoor Board with pringting design in 4mm Coroplast Yard Signs Outdoor Board with pringting design in 4mm

Blank coroplast yard sign, Smooth & Opcaity White color with corona treatment Dyne 60 . Easier to print, better adhesion of printed content, longer use in the outdoors.Widely used in road signs, election signs, advertising decorative signs, housing sales, yard signs, various businesses selling signs

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Product Description


Coroplast is the material of choice for today’s screen printing industry. The coroplast is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It’s tougher than corrugated fiberboard, lighter than an extruded plastic sheet, and is waterproof and stain-resistant.


Anti-UV :Virgin material and UV material mixed

Corona Treatment: Corona treated grades for ink adhesion

Excellent surface for paints and inks easily

Waterproof, moisture resistance, UV Protection excellent weather ability



Size(Customized): 12"x18" | 12"x24" | 18"x24" | 24"x24" | 24"x36" | 24"x48" | 36"x48" | 8'×4'  48"x96", 1220×2440mm

Thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm

Density: customized

Printed Sides: Single or double-sided 





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