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What is a corflute?

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Analysis of the concepts and characteristics of corflute sheets

What is a corflute? Corflute boards, also called corrugated plastic sheets, coroplast sheets, correx sheets, PP hollow boards, polyflute sheets, danpla sheets, etc. This is a polypropylene material sheet. Due to its internal hollow lattice structure, the entire sheet is very light and has good flexibility. Corflute sheets are widely used in packaging, agriculture, advertising, transportation, and many other industries. So which industries are PP corrugated sheets commonly used in and what is their function? Next, we will analyze the concepts and characteristics of corrugated plastic sheets based on the keywords of this article.

In what industries are polypropylene fluted sheets commonly used?

  1. Packaging industry:
    PP corrugated sheets have excellent waterproofness and toughness, which can prevent goods from swelling due to moisture. They are widely used in the packaging and transportation of various products such as glass, ceramic tiles, hardware, and machinery.

  2. Agricultural industry:
    As insulation building materials for agricultural planting, breeding, and off-season fruit and vegetable production, coroplast sheets are used in farmers' markets, vegetable and fruit transportation, fruit picking, and other fields.

  3. Advertising industry:
    Coroplast boards can replace traditional advertising plastic inkjet cloth. At the same time, the boards have good waterproof performance and can be used for outdoor advertising.

  4. Conveying industry:
    Suitable for equipment transportation, air conditioning maintenance, loading and unloading protection, and other transportation needs.


What role do pp corrugated sheets play?

  1. Waterproof and moisture-proof:
    PP corflute sheets have good waterproof and moisture-proof functions, which can effectively protect packaged items and avoid damage caused by humid environments.

  2. Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant:
    The plate has high strength, and excellent pressure resistance, can support larger loads, has good wear resistance, and is suitable for packaging and stacking heavy objects.

  3. Flame retardant function:
    PP hollow sheets have their own flame retardant and flame retardant functions, which can effectively prevent fire damage to the sheets themselves and packaging items.

  4. Energy saving and environmental protection:
    The boards can be recycled and reused, which not only saves resources but is also environmentally friendly, in line with the low-carbon and environmental protection requirements of modern enterprises.

  5. Light and durable:
    Coroplast boards are light in weight, easy to transport, and low in cost. They are transparent and beautiful and can increase the added value of packaged items to a certain extent.


What is a corflute?

Ordinary Corrugated PP Sheets are hollow sheets made of polypropylene, a plastic with high strength. It has the following characteristics:

  • Light weight and high strength: The internal lattice structure makes the board light and cost-effective without losing strength and enough to bear external pressure.

  • Good flatness: The surface is flat, smooth, and seamless, which increases the contact area with the packaged items and reduces friction loss.

  • Corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant: not afraid of oil, acid, alkali, corrosion, long-lasting, non-fading, beautiful surface, long service life.

  • Sound insulation, heat preservation, and heat insulation: The hollow structure enables the board to have certain sound insulation, heat preservation, and heat insulation functions and can adapt to the use needs under various harsh environmental conditions.

  • Environmentally friendly, economical, and practical: Corflute sheets can be recycled and reused, which is both environmentally friendly and cost-saving, making them an ideal environmentally friendly sheet material.


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