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What is a corflute sign?

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What is a corflute sign? With the rapid development of urban construction, advertising has become an art of living, and advertising boards have also become an architectural art integrated into modern life. With its environmentally friendly and practical features, CORFLUTE signs have gradually stood out in the market and become the new favorite in the advertising industry.

So, what is a corflute sign?

Corflute signs, also known as coroplast signs, corrugated plastic signs, and correx signs, are made of polypropylene materials and have a certain degree of transparency, making advertising images more vivid and realistic. The so-called "hollow structure" means that there are multiple small holes in the center of this advertising board, which can not only prevent deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction of air but also reduce weight and facilitate transportation and installation.


What are the advantages of corflute signs printing?

  1. Environmental protection: Coroplast signs are made of polypropylene, which is non-toxic and does not pollute the environment. It also has strong anti-aging properties and a long service life. It is an ideal substitute for traditional advertising board materials.

  2. Practical: Corrugated plastic signs are lightweight, wear-resistant, and not easily damaged, the advertising images are clear and beautiful, and they are fireproof, moisture-proof, UV-proof, etc., making them safer and more reliable.

  3. Energy saving: Correx signs have certain thermal insulation properties, which can reduce the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors and effectively reduce energy consumption.

  4. Economical: The production cost of custom corflute signs is low, with low investment in materials and equipment, which can save costs for advertising companies.


So, what are the market applications and prospects of coroplast sign boards?

  1. Outdoor advertising: The excellent weather resistance of 4 x8 corrugated plastic signs makes it the best choice for outdoor advertising, such as billboards and door signs on highways, urban main roads, and other places.

  2. Commercial space: correx signs can be used as the interior decoration of commercial spaces, such as shopping mall retail counters, parking lot signs, etc., in various forms, beautiful and practical.

  3. Exhibition display: Corflute signs are light and easy to carry, which greatly facilitates the exhibition display industry. They can be widely used in product display cabinets, exhibitions, event sites, etc.

  4. Transportation advertising: Corrugated plastic signs can be applied to billboards in buses, subways, trains, and other transportation vehicles to enrich the visual experience of passengers.


In summary, corflute signs that are both environmentally friendly and practical have broad application prospects in the advertising market. In recent years, with the deepening of the concept of green environmental protection and the continuous advancement of advertising industry technology, the market size of coroplast signs has expanded year by year, and the prospects are promising.

This is the introduction to what is a corflute sign in this issue. If you need custom corflute signs, please contact us to get a quote!

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