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What are corflute signs?

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What are corflute signs? Corflute signs are a new environmentally friendly material that is widely used around the world. This product can maintain the good color of billboards over a long period of use and has high weather resistance. Below we introduce in detail the advantages of corflute printing, whether corflute signage is suitable for outdoor use, and the structure and function of corflute signs.

Corflute signs are also called coroplast signs, correx signs, and corrugated plastic signs.

Advantages of corflute signs printing

  1. Lightweight material: Coroplast signs are made of polypropylene or polyethylene plastic as raw materials. The overall weight is light and easy to carry and install.

  2. Anti-aging performance: The special anti-UV body design can ensure that the product is not prone to aging during use.

  3. Good impact resistance: It has extremely high surface hardness and impact strength, making the billboard highly resistant to wind, ice, and other severe weather.

  4. Environmental protection: The processing technology of Corrugated plastic signs is non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free. It is a green and pollution-free material.

  5. Economical and affordable: Correx board signs have low production costs and simple processing, which greatly saves advertising production costs.


Are custom corflute signs suitable for outdoor use?

Printing coroplast is ideal for the production and use of outdoor billboards. It has excellent anti-aging properties and can be used in the sun for a long time, extending the service life of billboards. In addition, the special white nodes provide the corrugated plastic sign board with good self-cleaning performance, and the billboard can maintain a clear and clean effect even if it is used outdoors in the sun for a long time.



Structure and function of 4x8 coroplast signs

Corrugated plastic signs consist of a surface layer, a middle filling layer, and a bottom layer. The surface layer is mainly responsible for the beauty and protection of billboards and has strong impact resistance and UV resistance. The middle filling layer adopts a lightweight hollow structure, which not only reduces the overall weight but also has strong load-bearing and compression resistance capabilities. At the same time, the middle filling layer also has certain sound insulation and heat insulation effects. The bottom layer is mainly responsible for connecting with the ground and providing stable support.

Functionally, corflute signs can be used for both vertical column billboards and hanging billboards. At the same time, it can also be used as a background wall, landscape decoration, etc. It is suitable for various application scenarios such as the advertising industry, commercial display, outdoor landscape, architectural decoration, and so on.


Get samples and quotes

In summary, corflute signs printing is deeply loved by the advertising and commercial display industries due to its excellent performance and wide range of application scenarios. If you also want to customize corrugated plastic signs, welcome to contact us for samples and quotations.

That’s all about what are corflute signs, thank you for reading.

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