How to cut corrugated plastic sheet?

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With the rapid development of science and technology, Corrugated plastic sheets have been widely used in many fields, such as packaging, construction, logistics, etc. So, what exactly are PP corrugated boards? What are its unique structural features and application advantages? How to cut corrugated plastic sheet? This article will give you detailed answers to the above aspects.

Corrugated plastic sheets are also called coroplast panels, correx boards, corflute sheets, polyflute sheets, PP hollow boards, etc.

How to cut corrugated plastic sheet?

  1. Choose appropriate cutting tools:
    To cut plastic corrugated boards, you can use electric circular saws, portable electric saws, plate cutters, and other tools. The specific selection needs to be determined according to the accuracy and effect requirements of the cutting target.

  2. Measure the size of the panel and draw the cutting line:
    Before cutting, you need to measure the size of the corrugated plastic panels and accurately draw the cutting line on the panel according to the required size.

  3. Fix the workpiece:
    During the cutting process, ensure that the plate is fixed on the operating table in time to avoid uneven cutting due to vibration during the cutting process.

  4. The operation should be steady:
    Keep your hands steady during the cutting process and do not advance the saw blade rapidly to ensure accurate and neat cutting of straight lines.

  5. Trimming after cutting:
    After cutting, trim the cutting edges with sandpaper or abrasive tools to remove burrs and ensure a smooth surface.



In what scenarios are polypropylene fluted sheets widely used?

  • PP corrugated sheets are widely used in packaging, construction, logistics, advertising, and other fields.

  • In the field of packaging, coroplast sheets are used to make lightweight packaging, stacking padding, etc.

  • In the construction field, corflute boards can be used as interior partition walls, ceilings, sound insulation layers, etc.

  • In the field of logistics, it is used to make recyclable and environmentally friendly pallets, turnover boxes, large object pallets, etc.

  • In the field of advertising, as advertising display boards, etc. It can be seen that PP hollow sheets are widely used in many fields.


Structural features and advantages of coroplast sheets

  • Strip sheets: PP hollow boards present a lattice-like structure, consisting of two outer surfaces and strip sheets connecting the two layers, forming a hollow space while enhancing the stability of the structure.

  • Lightweight: Corrugated plastic boards use polypropylene as the main raw material, which is lightweight and tough, allowing it to reduce the overall weight while carrying heavy loads.

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof: PP cordex sheets are waterproof and moisture-proof, which helps to extend the service life and avoid moisture damage.

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable: corrugated plastic panels are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and easy to recycle.


Through the above analysis, we understand the wide application of corrugated plastic sheets in various fields, their structural characteristics and advantages, as well as the operating methods and techniques that need to be paid attention to during the cutting process. Proficient in this knowledge will help further improve the use effect of coroplast panels and better utilize their application advantages.

That’s all the introduction to how to cut corrugated plastic sheet, thank you for reading.

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