Top 10 features of sheets of corrugated plastic

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Sheets of corrugated plastic are a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material with a long service life, which is more than 10-60 times that of corrugated cardboard. People can recycle and reuse plastic corrugated sheeting. It is widely used in logistics, packaging, auto parts, electronics, hardware, and other industries. Sheets of corrugated plastic are made of non-toxic polypropylene, also known as fluted plastic sheets, Corrugated PP Sheets, coroplast panels, correx boards, corflute sheets, danpla boards, and more.


Features of plastic corrugated sheeting

1. Fluted plastic sheets are light but very durable -

Due to its excellent lightness, users can move and manage it effortlessly and easily. But it's light and durable, so corrugated plastic sheets have almost all the advantages of wood, cardboard, and metal.


2. Corrugated plastic cardboard is foldable and easy to form -

The material is flexible and bendable, making it a great material for making a handy tote bag or stereoscopic display. So Correx Sheets are often exported to countries all over the world, as almost all industries require this flexible sheet.


3. Corrugated PP Sheets can be cut to the desired size -

Sheet thicknesses vary from 2mm to 12mm. Huiyuan correx manufacturer can cut it to any size. DIYers can also easily cut and trim on-site using basic tools like utility knives or scissors.


4. Sheets of corrugated plastic can be reused and recycled -

There are dedicated recycling sites for scrapped corrugated pp sheets or fluted plastic sheets that have lost their use value. In Huiyuan, technical unions melt the sheets and remake them into new sheets or other products.


5. Plastic corrugated sheeting is easy to clean -

If it is simply dirt and dust, just wipe it with water. For sticky inks or chemicals, you will need to wipe easily with a soft cloth and mild soap.


6. Corrugated plastic cardboard is easy to print -

The polypropylene material is easy to color, and each board provides a smooth surface for printing a variety of inks. Huiyuan provides screen printing and digital printing. We most often print the brand logo, because the graphics are simple and can achieve the purpose of promoting the company. The key is the low cost of printing.


7. Huiyuan Correx Sheets come in bright, vibrant colors -

Through the deployment of masterbatches, skilled workers can produce plates of various colors. Because of its smooth surface, it can also be printed, making the board richer in color and more attractive in content.


8. Corrugated PP Sheets are rigid -

Over time, cardboard can rot, and sheet metal can rust and discolor. And the pp hollow board still keeps its shape, which is important for signs and storage containers.

9. Polypropylene corrugated sheets are waterproof -

Even in rainy and wet seasons, coroplast signs for outdoor use still look good. The plastic holds its shape and doesn't break down even when wet. Specially treated coroplast sheets, the color will not fade due to wind and sun exposure.

10. Corrugated plastic cardboard sheets are weatherproof -

When used outdoors, corrugated plastic can withstand a variety of elements, including rain, wind, hail, and direct sunlight. So in sunny Australia and New Zealand, you'll find people often making tree guards out of Corrugated Plastic Sheets.

Sheets of corrugated plastic with different properties


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