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Huiyuan's new Plastic gaylord pallet container has become popular in the Chinese market. This heavy-duty cargo box is especially favored by the auto parts industry and the new energy industry. For example, BYD, Volkswagen, and other auto parts factories have maintained cooperation with us for many years. They need to use the Foldable Pallet Boxes frequently to transport the heavy-duty accessories they produce.


Problem solved: ergonomics and logistical processes are compatible!

When you think about logistics, it's all about ergonomics, efficiency, and process optimization. In fact, handling heavy containers and being able to store them, Huiyuan has a solution in mind for you. Thanks to continuous improvement and innovation, our Plastic Gaylords can be folded into a flat surface, which is especially convenient for export and storage. When you want to use these handy Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers, no matter what country you are in, we can safely deliver them to your designated port. Having power is so capricious!


Composition and materials of Plastic gaylord pallet container

Huiyuan Foldable Pallet Boxes consist of 3 parts - lid, sleeve, and tray. Of course, if you need linings or dividers in the box, we can also design them for you. It can store and transport more products in less space.

The sleeves are made of polypropylene honeycomb panels or corrugated plastic sheets. It is a high strength, high load material with high physical durability and low weight. The lid and tray are made of thermoformed HDPE material, which has impressive impact and compressive strength to prevent damage during rough shipping. The lid and tray are designed with nine feet for non-slip stable stacking and are compatible with all standard forklifts for easy handling.


Standard and custom sizes to communicate your brand message

Currently available in 1150x985x1000, 1200x1000x1000, and 1470x1140x1000, it offers a wide range of storage and shipping volumes but can accommodate other custom formats. The height of the Sleeve can be customized. However, the size of the base and the cover is fixed, if you need to customize it, you need to open the mold. Plastic Gaylords have 4 printable walls with a flat, smooth finish, perfect for promoting branding messages and helpful instructions. Its flat bottom with no roughness makes it easy to store your products, while its free-opening door provides easy access to goods to be placed in or removed from the container.


Very Economical Containers - Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers

The Plastic gaylord pallet container is an all-in-one container that includes a pallet and a lid. The sleeves can be used independently or folded flat. Both the tray and lid size are fixed, so even if your Foldable Pallet Boxes need to be replaced with a new one, only the bad part needs to be replaced. Therefore, the advantage of choosing this kind of container is very economical.


Plastic Gaylords are not just a goal, they're a complete journey

Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers are a sustainable packaging solution made with a high percentage of recycled materials. Highly durable and impact resistant, it can be reused for multiple cycles, thus avoiding the waste of single-use packaging. Due to its single material design, Huiyuan Plastic gaylord pallet container can be easily recycled at the end of its long effective life.


Foldable Pallet Boxes can adapt to the most demanding markets

Huiyuan Plastic Gaylords are a multi-market container. It can be used in very strict markets like automotive, but also in various other industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, e-commerce, or retail. The application field is very wide.


About Huiyuan

Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with higher quality products, more competitive prices, and more comprehensive services. Using our actions to make the greatest efforts for the environmental protection of the earth, is the promise of Huiyuan Plastics. Choose the best price from the same quality, and choose the same quality from the best price, we will be your best choice!

If you need plastic gaylord pallet container boxes or other corrugated plastic products, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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