100% Polypropylene Flexible PP Hollow Board Corrugated Plastic Sheets With UV Protection 100% Polypropylene Flexible PP Hollow Board Corrugated Plastic Sheets With UV Protection

Size: Custom Size, As customized Thickness: 2-12mm Color: Multicolor/Customized Application: Advertising/Decoration/Display/Signboard Width: <2600mm

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Product Description


1,  Color: can make according to the customer's requirements, the normal color is the primary color, white, gray, blue, black, etc.

2,  Thickness: arbitrary thickness between 2mm-12mm.

3,  Width: the maximum width is 2150 mm, unlimited length if the customers want to pack it to roll shape, the maxi-mm length is  300- 500  meters, normal 100 meters.

4,  Yield: 5 production lines, 12tons per day,360000 kg per month.

5,  Process: various of box/container,knife card,die-cut,painting,forming,assembling,hot-press,and other equipment, available in all varieties.

6,  Material quality: Environmental protection PP material at food-grade, can provide SGS environmental protection.

report and  MSDS of the product safety, ISO certification, PONY testing report, FDA report.

Descriptionpp hollow corrugated sheets, board with a sealed edge and round corner
Weight (g/m2)250-450300-600600-900800-1200900-16001400-20001600-20001600-22002200-24002400±30
ColorTransparent, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Grey or be customized
GradeCommon,Corona treated ,anti-static ,conductive ,UV-stabilized ,etc
Applications1.Packing: Master cartons, packing for fruit and vegetables ,toy ,fragile items ,chinaware ,gift box ,trays ,containers etc
2.Turnover box: For preventing the damages from electronic products .what's more, It can be circle-used
3. Advertising board: It can be used as a show board, yard signs, warning board, graphics, road signs, display rack and point of sale displays, exhibition board.
4.Industry use: Protecting board, padding board of wall, luggage carrier, separating board, baseboard
5.Construction board: Partition, protection board of wall, ceiling board
6.Others: protection for young trees, backboard of bassinet, wardrobe


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