PP Bubble Guard Sheet Polypropylene Honeycomb Panel

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PP bubble guard sheet(also known as pp honeycomb board, polypropylene honeycomb panel) is an alveolar 100% polypropylene board. The honeycomb structure combines great versatility and high performances . It is eco-friendly and recyclable (it is 100% recyclable because fully made of PP), non-toxic, resistant to mechanical stress and chemical agents, thermoformable, with a weight range from 1050 gr/sqm to 6500 gr/sqm and a thickness range from 3.5mm to 13 mm.


The versatility of the product, ductility, flexibility, a very cost-effective price, light but highly resistant, the wide range of processing and laminating possibilities (with PP and PET textile, carpets, EPP foam and other decorative film). All of these super features make  them right replacement for more expensive and less cost-effective materials. 

Using pp honeycomb panels is perfect solution to fulfill needs of different industries , the following are details:

1. Automobile industry:

PP honeycomb sheet can be widely used in middle and high grade passenger cars and vans of the trunk cover, trunk partition, trunk carpet substrate, car parts cob box, side cob decorative panel, ceiling, car body and other parts.

2. Building decoration industry:

Due to its low density, high strength and excellent sound insulation performance, plastic bubble guard board can be used as interior building decoration instead of conventional PVC foam board, building template, wall decoration board, etc., making it the best choice for the new generation of plastic instead of wood materials.

3. Logistics transfer box:

PP bubble guard panel is light weight, can greatly reduce the load weight of transport, thereby to a certain extent to improve the speed of transport, reduce the cost of transport. Widely used in yachts, cars, trains and other means of transport shell, ceiling, partition, deck, floor and other internal decoration applications, as well as the production of cases and bags.

4. Plastic Gaylord Containers:

Polypropylene honeycomb sheet has high temperature resistance, strong environmental adaptability, plasticity, easy to assemble.

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