What are honeycomb plastic sheets?

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Honeycomb plastic sheets are a new low-cost green packaging material. Due to its special structure, it can improve compressive strength. Plastic honeycomb panels can be made into various trays, layer pads, packaging boards, packaging boxes, etc. polypropylene honeycomb has many advantages such as lightness, strength, stability, heat preservation, heat insulation, and shock resistance. Because it is economical and has no adverse impact on the ecological environment, it is deeply loved by all walks of life.

The structure of pp honeycomb

The plastic honeycomb board has a unique sandwich structure, and the core layer adopts a honeycomb structure, which is synthesized by a three-layer sheet by hot pressing technology. The single or double surface has a bubble finish or a flat finish. The thickness can reach 3.5mm-13mm, and the weight is 1050-6500g. Regular colors are blue, white, gray, and black, of course, we can also customize the special size, thickness, and color for you.


Advantages of Huiyuan® Honeycomb Plastic Sheets

  • Made of high-quality polypropylene, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

  • Lightweight, high strength, very durable

  • Excellent stability, the board is not easy to break

  • Corrosion resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance

  • Plastic honeycomb board is also impact and friction resistant

  • Cost-effective, reusable, 100% recyclable

  • In addition to standard products, we also provide free design, customized special plastic honeycomb panels

Applications of polypropylene honeycomb

  • Automotive industry - as back wall panels, spare wheels housing

  • Advertising industry - such as display boards, billboards, stand walls, signs, screen printing supplies

  • Packaging industry - pp honeycomb as pallet liners, layer pads/tier sheets, or post-processing into various types of boxes

  • Logistics industry-liners, container walls, and dividers

  • Decoration industry - used as floor protection during construction to prevent ink, and paint from dirtying floors, doors, and windows

  • Home appliance industry - such as the back wall of a refrigerator or the protection bottom of a washing machine

  • other industry


About us

Huiyuan plastic is a leading honeycomb plastic sheets manufacturer with rich experience, a professional team, and first-class customer service. We always strive to provide customers with more convenient and professional one-stop overall solutions.

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