Features of Corrugated Plastic Dividers

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Corrugated Plastic Dividers also known as correx dividers, corflute dividers, coroplast dividers, corrugated plastic partitions. They are made of corrugated polypropylene sheets. They are foldable, and the stacks can be customized according to customers' needs. The corrugated plastic dividers are often used in reusable boxes, such as corflute/correx/corrugated plastoc box, injection box, etc. They fit the box and also can be removable. When there are corrugated plastic dividers inside the box, the box can store more products and also avoid products from scratching each other.



The following are features of Corrugated Plastic Dividers:

1. Good stability, corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, and durability.

2. Generally, the density of coroplast plastic dividers is smaller than that of metal, and it is light and beautiful.

3. Good electrical insulation. Most hollow boards have excellent electrical insulation. Therefore, plastic pp hollow dividers are widely used in electronics, electricity, communications, instruments, and other fields.

4. The plastic corrugated dividers have good mechanical properties and can be used to make many structural components.

5. Good barrier properties, can make all kinds of containers, have good moisture-proof and waterproof function.

6. Good processability. products with complex shapes, stable dimensions, and good quality can be made in a short time.

7.In addition, the correx dividers also have good wear resistance, self-lubricity, shock absorption, heat insulation, electroplating, weldability, light transmission, and so on.

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