Why are correx sheets 4 mm the best-selling products?

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The correx sheets 4mm are the best-selling one on the market, and its gram weight range is 600g-1200g. In addition, we can also customize other thickness of correx sheets, the thickness range is 2mm-12mm.

Correx sheet, also known as pp plastic hollow board, corrugated plastic sheet and coroplast sheet, is an economical substitute for corrugated cardboard. The correx sheet is made of lightweight, high-strength polypropylene, which is more durable than cardboard. So what's unique about the 4mm correx?

Wide range of uses for correx sheets 4mm

1. For corrugated plastic boxes

General logistics turnover boxes and packaging boxes are made of correx 4mm boards. Because the bearing capacity and pressure resistance of the 4mm correx sheet are suitable for most products, it is neither too thin and easy to bend; nor too thick and not easy to fold. Therefore, for retailers and agents, even if they stock up a large number of correx sheets 4mm or correx boxes, it will not cause them to fail to sell.

2. For corrugated plastic layer pads

Correx sheets 4mm can be directly used for layer pads and partitions. The most common is for the storage and transportation of bottled or canned products.

3. For 4mm coroplast signs

With the development of business, more and more businesses need to promote themselves in the form of advertisements, so correx sheets 4mm are often used for coroplast signs or product display stands. Many urban streets have also begun to use 4mm correx sheets as road signs, because of their waterproof and moisture-proof, UV-proof and corrosion-resistant properties, they are especially suitable for outdoor use.

4. For stroller backboard

The correx 4mm hollow board can also be used for the cushion lining board of the stroller. It not only reduces the weight of the stroller, but also is very safe.


Advantages of 2-12mm correx sheets

1. Lightweight, strong and durable.

2. Waterproof, moisture-proof and weather-resistant.

3. Good chemical resistance, impact resistance and fading resistance.

4. Environmentally friendly, recyclable, washable, non-toxic and corrosion-resistant.

5. Easy to fabricate, custom-made cut shape.

6. Smooth surface, easy to print.

7. Function can be customized


General Specifications of correx sheets 4mm

Size 12" x 18", 24" x   36",  48" x 96"( 4' x   8'), or custom
Weight600g-1200g or custom
ColourBlack, White, Blue,   Yellow, or custom

We are a leading correx sheet manufacturer with rich experience, professional team, and first-class customer service. We always try our best to provide customers with more convenient and professional one-stop overall solutions. The correx sheets 4mm are introduced here. If you want to buy 4mm correx board or other specifications of corrugated plastic sheets, welcome to contact us now!

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