Why do people like to use correx floor protection?

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Why do people like to use correx floor protection?

Correx floor protection to protect floor boards are more and more popular, with the development of society. The correx floor protection sheets are mainly used in the decoration and construction industry, but the decoration is not an easy task. Because it not only requires a lot of time and money, but also needs to pay attention to a lot of things when decorating to ensure the quality of the decoration.


During the whole decoration process, some decoration materials, such as grout or paint, will be spilled on the ground or on the wall, resulting in a mess on the ground and wall, and it is difficult to clean up. And some sharper construction tools will accidentally scratch the ground and wall, if no ground protection measures are taken, it will have a great impact on the ground. At this time, correx floor protection is extremely important.

Why has correx floor protection become the first choice in the decoration industry?

  1. Correx floor protection is as strong and durable as solid rigid plastic, but correx floor protection price is cheaper because it is hollow.

  2. It is easy to install and remove; easy to cut/bend/scoring.

  3. It is made of non-toxic and harmless PP polypropylene, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

  4. The correx floor protection sheets have the peropeties of waterproof, moisture-proof and chemical corrosion resistance, which can better protect the walls, floors and homes.

  5. It is easy to print, and can print the construction site hazard warnings and the decoration company brand LOGO.

  6. In order to avoid fire, the flame retardant fire rating can be processed, which is suitable for scenes requiring better fire performance.

  7. For some outdoor building decoration, the anti-ultraviolet correx floor protection board will last longer.

  8. It is as light and flexible as carton board, especially easy to dismantle and move.

  9. Compared with the ground protection of metal materials, the correx floor protection will not be discarded because of rust.

  10. In addition to the above advantages, correx floor protection sheets are available in various thicknesses, sizes, weights, colors and grades to choose or customize.


Why is Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. trustworthy?

Huiyuan Plastic is a professional correx floor protection manufacturer in China. It has more than 15+ years of export experience and a R&D team of nearly 100 people. It has successfully cooperated with 1000+ well-known enterprises. We will not only customize the correx floor protection sheet according to the needs of customers, but also provide free samples. Before you place an order, in order to ensure the quality of the product, we have a dedicated design team to communicate with you in detail. We will try our best to make every customer satisfied.

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