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10 Uses Of Coroplast Panels

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Coroplast panels, also are called coroplast sheets/boards, correx/corflute/corrugated plastic sheets ,are lightweight (hollow structure), non-toxic, waterproof, shockproof, long-lasting material that resists corrosion. Compared with cardboard, Coroplast panel has the advantages of being waterproof and colorfast.


Coroplast panels are widely used, the main uses are as follows:

1.Correx board is an ideal material, mainly replacing corrugated cardboard, wood board, metal plate and other materials;

2.Corrugated plastic containers

Corrugated Turnover boxes, spare parts turnover boxes, food turnover boxes, beverage turnover boxes, pesticide packaging boxes, inner packaging of precision instruments, pads, partitions and transportation storage turnover boxes for electronic components packaging;

3.Corrugated plastic Layer pads

These layer pads can ensure the quality of glass bottles to a large extent and prevent them from shaking side-to-side during transportation. Accordingly, the losses incurred during transportation are avoided to the greatest extent.

4. Coroplast sign boards:

Display boards, commodity identification boards, billboards, light boxes, election signs, road signs, etc.

5. The correx corrugated plastic floor protection sheet

Correx floor protector is usually used in building construction, painting, room decoration, moving wall protection, logistics vehicle backing board, and the joint between the boards can be connected by tape.

6.Corrugated plastic tree guard

Corrugated plastic tree guard(also known as corflute tree guard) is a perefect solution for protecting young trees against damage from mowers and trimmers, sunscald, rodent damage and deer damage. 

7. The corrugated plastic divider
The corrugated plastic divider is often used in reusable boxes/bins/totes/cases, such as correx/coroplast box, injection box, etc. It fits the box and also can be removable. When there are corrugated plastic dividers inside the box, the box can store more products and also protect products from scratching each other.

8.Delta traps
The delta trap is highly effective and perfect for monitoring small Lepidoptera moths like false coding moths, macadamia nut borer, Indian meal moths, fruit flies, vine mealybugs, etc. The sticky liner is covered in our powerful sticky glue, trapping insects immediately on contact. Delta Trap for insects can be availed from us at reasonable prices. 

9.Corrugated plastic desk dividers

Using corrugated plastic desk dividers is a great way to instantly help minimize the spread of germs and create a level of social distancing for people. 

Whether it is a student or an office worker, using an isolation board is a very good choice.

10. Leaf chutes and waste bins

Leaf and lawn chute acts as a tool for catching leaves, lawn clippings, and debris.

In addition to the corrugated plastic products mentioned above, correx panels can also be customized for many other coroplast products. If you need coroplast panels or other customized coroplast products, please contact us. We are a professional corrugated plastic sheet manufacturer and can be trusted.

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