Why did the corrugated plastic bin boxes replace the traditional plastic boxes?

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Corrugated plastic bin boxes are often used in agriculture, food, clothing, auto parts, electronics and other industries. It is a very convenient and durable item. With the development trend of market demand, the importance of corrugated plastic bins in the industry is becoming more and more important. In order to save transportation costs and reduce storage space, many companies have gradually replaced traditional plastic boxes with corrugated plastic bin boxes. So, what's so special about such a popular corrugated plastic box?


1. Advantages of corrugated plastic bin boxes

  • The corrugated plastic storage bin is made of PP polypropylene. Its biggest feature is that it can be recycled for environmental protection; traditional plastic boxes cannot be recycled, and the production process will cause inevitable pollution to the environment.

  • The pp corrugated bin is light in weight, easy to handle, and has a strong bearing capacity, which is very easy to handle and load, and greatly reduces manpower and material resources.

  • The corrugated plastic boxes can be made into anti-static, flame-retardant, and anti-UV, and the function can be customized according to the product properties.

  • The corrugated plastic bin boxes are particularly easy to clean, they will not breed bacteria due to the environment, and the service life will be longer.

  • Corrugated plastic bins can also be designed to be folded, which saves transportation costs and storage space; while traditional plastic boxes take up space when they are vacant, so the freight is often more expensive when exported overseas.

  • The packaging box made of PP corrugated plastic sheet has many styles and comprehensive functions. It has all the functions of traditional plastic boxes.

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