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Portable, affordable and eye-catching coroplast signs always make an impression. Huiyaun is available in many sizes and custom printed according to your unique design. Temporary signs, plastic warnings, and coroplast yard signs are usually made of lightweight, durable corrugated plastic.

Outdoors,  the corflute sign board is easily installed on lawns with stakes or thick wire stakes. Most enable you to "step" the stakes into the ground. Of course, removing corrugated plastic yard signs is easy too! Their lightweight portability makes them especially popular in construction, politics, real estate, and special events.

Or, use our coroplast signs for indoor applications. You can hang them from the ceiling. You can also mount it on the wall or fasten it to a window. You can also choose to mount an easel to the back of these signs to make the sign stand-alone. Bright, attractive, and printed in full color. No matter when you choose to use them, coroplast sign printing is a great sign option!


Advantages of coroplast sign printing

No wonder custom corrugated plastic signs and corrugated plastic yard signs are popular choices for many users. Choose from these signage options from Huiyaun and you'll enjoy many benefits, including:

  1. Multipurpose Versatility: Don't think that corflute sign board is only for lawns. They can also be hung from the ceiling or tied to a fence by adding grommets. Using adhesive and hooks, you can attach thecorrugated plastic sign to the wall. Also, use suction cups or tape and they will stick to the windows.

  2. Carry it with you: Flat, compact, and lightweight custom coroplast signs are easily transported from one location to another in the trunk of a car or in the storage space of an SUV.

  3. Easy to store: Coroplast sign printing is also easy to store. As such, they are a popular signage solution for annual events such as golf outings, municipal parades, charity walks, and more.

  4. Affordable Pricing: For users who need to buy coroplast printing in bulk, the pricing is very reasonable, and it can meet all your needs. People like real estate agents, contractors, and politicians need to buy in bulk often!

  5. Fast Production Turnaround: While not an instant signage solution, coroplast yard signs can often be custom designed and manufactured quickly compared to many other signage or promotional options.

  6. Easy to install: Most corrugated plastic yard signs install easily with plastic, stakes, or thick H-shaped wire, allowing you to "step" the stakes into the ground. Of course, lawn sign pull-ups are just as easy!

  7. Season to Season Reusability: Coroplast sign printing is usually an option for one-off special events. But many people use and reuse lawn signs year after year. There are also some seasonal activities.


Common Uses of coroplast signs

Here are some suggestions on how to use Huiyun coroplast yard signs to your advantage:

  1. Real estate for sale or rental housing display: Real estate companies use coroplast printing to alert passersby about available properties.

  2. Community or political campaign: Make the masses more aware of the candidates and make the correct votes based on the campaign billboards and the candidates' speeches.

  3. Road signs: Many people in unfamiliar cities need to use maps or street signs to determine the correct direction.

  4. Warning sign: It can warn people of dangers, prohibit entry or stop dangerous behavior.

  5. Wedding or dinner display: Coroplast printing can print the name of the protagonist or the theme of the event to avoid misunderstandings when entering other venues by mistake


Question and Answer

  • What is the difference between Corrugated plastic yard signs and lawn signs?

Yard sign and lawn sign are different names for the same sign. These signs are also commonly called coroplast yard signs.

  • Are custom-size signs available?

Yes, custom coroplast signs come in standard types and any custom size you specify.

  • Can yard signs be printed on both sides?

Yes, for maximum visibility, most users choose to have us print their coroplast sign printing on both sides.


Contact us for coroplast signs

Our coroplast signs and coroplast yard signs can benefit your business, organization, municipality, or home in many ways. Count on these economical eye catchers to advertise, inform or guide!

Whether it's simple one-off graphics or signage and displays for an entire project, you can rely on Huiyuan. Not only do we "send" creative ideas, but we also provide experience on how to get things done on target, on time, and on budget. Let's sit down as soon as possible to discuss your needs and review our solutions. Call or visit now.

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