PP Solid Sheet & PP Hollow Sheet

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Both the PP Solid sheet and PP hollow sheet are sheets made of environmentally friendly non-toxic polypropylene. The biggest difference between them is the difference in structure. Of course, their thicknesses vary greatly, and the thickness of polypropylene sheets ranges from 0.5mm to 100mm. The thickness of the pp corrugated sheet is 2-12mm. Let's introduce solid pp board and pp hollow board respectively.


PP Solid Sheet

Solid polypropylene sheet is a very beneficial and adaptable engineering plastic that has a wide range of uses within many varied industries/applications. This plastic has replaced many others and created a reduction in costs, as well as improved performance for many component manufacturers.



PP Hollow Sheet

PP hollow sheet goes by a number of names including corrugated plastic sheet, Polyflute, Correx, PP fluted board, Impraboard, Corflute, etc. Above all, Coroplast is the most common brand name for corrugated plastic sheets. Corrugated plastic is a type of plastic cardboard that consists of three layers of polypropylene plastic substrate. The two external layers, which are known as twin-wall plastic sheeting due to their uniform design and parallel positions, hold together an internal layer of honeycomb-shaped plastic. This makes corrugated plastic sheets one of the most lightweight, versatile, and shock-absorbent plastic materials on the market.




  • lining or complete manufacture of acid and chemical tanks

  • Back or chopping boards

  • Prosthesis

  • Durable barrier

  • Custom Automotive Components



  • Corrugated plastic boxes for packaging and shipping

  • Coroplast signs

  • Plastic tree guards

  • PP corrugated layer pads

  • Other customized products


Advantages of the polypropylene panels and corrugated plastic sheet

  1. Both hollow and solid design polypropylene panels can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions and are extremely durable. Abrasion and impact resistance.

  2. Easy to assemble and solder, very convenient

  3. Waterproof and moistureproof, chemical resistance, good antibacterial

  4. It is easy to shape and has good flexibility. This allows the material to be used in various industries.

  5. Affordable, offering equal or superior performance to other materials at a lower price.

  6. The biggest feature is that it is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Reduced waste of resources.

  7. Polypropylene is an extremely lightweight material. The corrugated plastic board takes this advantage to the extreme.


Where can you buy these two types of sheets?

Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., LTD is a professional polypropylene sheet manufacturer in China. Produce various sheets such as pp solid sheet, fluted polypropylene sheet, and pp honeycomb panel.

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