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Material: Environment-friendly polypropylene Size: customized Thickness: 3mm-6mm, or customized Density(GSM): 450g-1200g Color: Blue or customized Usage: Transport or store products Sample: Free ODM/OEM: Accept MOQ: 500PCS Feature: Lightweight, foldable, reusable, waterproof, strong and durable, etc

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Product Description

To buy custom corrugated plastic boxes in bulk, you should choose professional Polypropylene Box Manufacturers. Huiyuan is a very famous pp box manufacturer, and corrugated plastic box manufacturer in China. We have 17+ years of successful export experience, the main markets are Europe, Asia, America, and other regions. Huiyuan owns 3 pp corrugated box manufacturers in China, and its business covers the whole world. If you are a foreign wholesaler, agent, or packaging industry, you can choose Huiyuan polypropylene box manufacturers for inquiry. Our quality is stable, and many customers will repurchase regularly. So if you want to sell our reusable corrugated plastic boxes locally, you don't have to worry about the different quality of boxes produced in different batches.


Plastic corrugated boxes have different names in different countries, such as corrugated plastic bin boxes, corrugated plastic crates, corrugated plastic containers, plastic cardboard boxes, coroplast box, correx box, corflute box. As long as the product you want to customize is made of corrugated plastic, you can contact us. We not only customize pp corrugated box, but also design many products, such as wardrobes, advertising boards, sapling protection, floor protection, layer pads, and so on.



Custom design;
  Material: Corrugated plastic sheet
  Thickness: 3-6mm;
  Color: Any color


  Much durable;
  Reusable & 100% Recyclable


Carton-style boxes;
  Vegetable boxes, Fruits boxes;
  Archive storage box, moving box

Benefits of the corrugated plastic box, plastic cardboard box, corrugated plastic case

  • It is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene material, so it is very safe and reliable.

  • Plastic corrugated bins are light in weight but very resistant to falling and durable.

  • Because of its waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion characteristics, it is widely used in seafood markets and fruit and vegetable markets.

  • Corrugated plastic packaging boxes are the darling of the packaging industry. It enables almost any packaging solution for any product.

  • The foldable design is more convenient for exporting to overseas markets, reducing the cost of expensive sea freight.

  • Reusable, about 10 to 60 times that of traditional cartons, depending on your application scenario.

  • Choose Huiyuan polypropylene box manufacturers, the price is cheaper and the quality is more stable.


Share the production process of a corrugated plastic box

  1. Mix the color - add color particles in the raw material (polypropylene) according to the color you want.

  2. Extruded board - The board is a corrugated plastic sheet made by extrusion, and its structure is a hollow structure.

  3. Cutting - Carry out cutting and indentation processing according to the drawings drawn by the designer.

  4. Printing - Some brand chambers will require printing of logos or product specifications, and printing the content that meets the needs.

  5. Welding - There are many ways to weld, and the operation can be copied according to the product that was proofed before. Welding methods include ultrasonic welding, seamless welding, rivet welding, etc.

  6. Install accessories - Some corrugated plastic containers need to install plastic handles and frames. Dividers can also be placed in the pp corrugated box as needed.

  7. Packaging - generally 10 pieces are a small package, wrapped with a transparent plastic film, or according to the customer's request. The boxes that are often exported overseas are such folding corrugated plastic boxes.


Huiyuan has realized their packaging designs for thousands of customers, let's take a look at these successful cases

Many logistics companies or businesses that need round-trip turnover need this kind of corrugated plastic shipping boxes that can be recycled. Because the disposable carton may be broken due to other factors in the middle, thus damaging the product. So the birth of coroplast shipping boxes solved one of the most troublesome things for them.


Corrugated plastic totes are also one of our most successful cases because it has so many uses. You can see corrugated plastic tray bins of various colors and sizes in the supermarket, and the sorted goods are placed inside, which is very convenient for people to take. Of course, at the post office, people use corrugated plastic mail totes to sort mail. In pharmacies, in order to find medicines more quickly, doctors and nurses also use postal totes corrugated plastic to classify medicines. In Huiyuan, our own company also uses PP postal mail tote to classify important documents of different departments.


Corrugated plastic storage boxes are a very good storage helper. Children's books from elementary school to university can be stored in different corrugated plastic storage bins according to different grades. The baby's small toys can also be stored in the correx storage boxes so that the whole room looks neat and big.


Plastic corrugated foldable boxes have always been Huiyuan's strength, and this type of product is very convenient for transportation and storage. The foldable corrugated plastic box is very easy to install, we all have installation videos, if necessary, you can also contact our customer service. The design of Collapsible corrugated plastic boxes is very novel and unique, and there are many folding styles. Huiyuan corrugated plastic box manufacturers will recommend the most suitable design for you according to your application.


Company Video

Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a new type of plastic packaging enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing. The company has 11 advanced production lines with full sets of auxiliary machines running 2 shifts every day.  Now the annual output is up to 14,000 tons.

If you need to customize corrugated plastic containers with dividers, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will get back to you within 8 hours.


1.  Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are a manufacturer in this industry for 17years, our factory is located in Suzhou, China.

2. What kind of service we can get from your company?

A: We manufacture various thicknesses, widths, colors, sheet types and property enhancements, including: Customized colors/Customized sizes/Customized logo print/Customized design/Corona treated /UV stabilized/Anti-static protection/ESD grade/Conductive/flame retardant.

3.  How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 7-14 days if the goods are in stock, or it is according to your order quantity.

4.  How could I get a sample?      

A: Sample normally is free of charge but the air express fee is usually borne by the customer. When a sample order is placed, please also inform us of your account No. of the courier company, such as DHL or FedEx, the full name of the company, address, zip code, contact person, and Tel.

5.  Can I get your company product price list?          

A: Sure, please kindly tell us your requested details, such as thickness, color, weight/m2, raw materials request, application, etc. Later we will offer you a quotation for the first time.

6.  Payment Terms: How do we arrange payment?   

A: T/T/paypal/ west union: Telegraphic Transfer (wire transfer), 30% down payment, balance upon before shipment or against copy bill of lading.

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