Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards / Protector For Deer Animal Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards / Protector For Deer Animal

Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards can effectively protect the sapling from being eaten by animals, prevent wind and rain, keep warm, and can customize the color, size and shape according to customer requirements. Common shapes: Round, Square, triangular Material: Non-toxic Polypropylene MOQ: 500PCS Thickness: 2-4MM, or custom Samples: A4 size sheets for free

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Product Description


Corrugated plastic tree guards/sapling tree protectors are made of non-toxic and recyclable polypropylene.

The production cycle of seedlings is a long process. The survival of seedlings directly affects the direct income of Farm owners. Farm owners pay more and more attention to the survival rate of seedlings, so they buy a large number of seedling corflute tree guards to protect these seedlings. PP Plant Guards can protect the whole seedling production process, PP corrugated sapling tree protectors from wind and rain, keep warm, and most importantly prevent animals from eating saplings.



100% virgin polypropylene






Green, Orange, red, can be customized


Wrapping film and as your customized



1. UV Stabilised Polypropylene

2. Easy installation

3. Protects against Herbicides, Sandblasting, Soil erosion, and Vermin

4. Rigid sturdy construction

5. RE-useable and fully recyclable

6. Accelerates growth for faster and better yields.

When to Use Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards

The best time to apply corflute tree guards is as soon as you plant your tree. This helps ensure that its protection starts from the moment it is planted in its new home; however, if you have already planted your trees, but haven't protected their tender young trunks, you can apply corflute plant guards at any time of the year – ideally, before injury occurs. Young trees are at risk of sun and animal-related trunk injury during the winter, so be sure to use tree guards as part of your yearly process for preparing trees for winter.


Features of Corflute Tree Guards

  • Easy to install

  • Lightweight, easy to take

  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and recyclable

  • rich colors

  • Sun-proof

  • Anti biting

  • Anti-UV


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