Postal Totes Corrugated Plastic Boxes With Lids Postal Totes Corrugated Plastic Boxes With Lids

As the new material of packaging, postal totes corrugated plastic (also known as correx/corflute/coroplast totes) are Eco-friendly , super light, high strength, can be recycled more than 60 times . PP corrugated totes sizes are flexible and different colors can be customized according to requirements .Our plastic corrugated totes are widely used in all industries . Features of correx totes : 1. Easy to keep clean 2. Flexible design ( such as thickness , sizes, colors, printing, etc ) 3. 100% recyclable ( reusable, can be used 60 times , and the materials can be recycled ) 4. Many options: Ordinary, ESD/anti-static ,conductive , UV-resistant, fire-rated, etc 5. Corflute tote is waterproof , more durable and sabutary than cardboard 6. Returnable - Multiple uses.

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Product Description

Strong and durable Postal Totes Corrugated Plastic With Lids

The stackable corrugated plastic postal mail tote is a new type of turnover box in the logistics packaging industry, many people also call it correx box, corflute box, or coroplast box, it also can be called corrugated plastic postal bin, corrugated plastic totes, and corrugated plastic containers.

The traditional wooden boxes, cartons, and metal boxes have gradually withdrawn from the stage of history, while ordinary plastic turnover boxes have a single color, fixed specifications, and low weight. The characteristics are not enough to meet the modern "light, short, and small" packaging requirements, so a new type of green environmental protection product-corrugated plastic box was born, and its appearance replaced the shortcomings of insufficient diversification of the previous logistics turnover box.

The parameter with our correx pp totes:
Product nameWaterproof impact-resistant corrugated plastic postal mail totes
ColorRegular: Blue, white, greencustomized
ThicknessRegular: 3mm-5mmcustomized
UsageWarehouse, supermarket, etc.
FeatureHeavy-duty, impact-resistant, eco-friendly, stackable, cost-effective, printable, ect

The advantages of correx mail totes
1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, easy to keep clean and tidy.
2. Very lightweight
3. Stackable, can save a lot space.
4. The mail postal totes corrugated plastic are made of pp hollow board has the properties of impact resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, and resistance to deformation.
5. According to the customer's special requirements, the mail tote can be made into anti-static, conductive, fire-rated, and anti-UV box.
6. The corflute mail tote has rich colors. The common ones are black, white, gray, blue, and we also can customize special colors according customers' needs.

We can customize pp corrugated totes according to your needs.


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We are a professional corrugated plastic boxes manufacturer in China, established in 2008, we have produced many types of corrugated plastics, and manufacturing corrugated pp boxes is our strength, such as fruits/vegetable packaging box, seafood packaging box, corrugated plastic postal tote, corrugated plastic divider box, correx picking bins, corrugated plastic totes, printable corrugated plastic box, corrugated plastic wardrobe moving box, anti-static correx box, trash bins, leaf and lawn chutes, etc

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