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Material: Non-toxic eco-friendly polypropylene Size: 620x390x420mm, 508x381x308mm, 400x400x400mm, or Customized Color: Yellow, blue, black, or customized Usage: Warehouse, supermarket, etc Sample: Free Feature: Durable, foldable, stacking, printable, recyclable, cost-effective MOQ: 500PCS

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Product Description

Huiyuan is one of the professional manufacturers of plastic picking bins in China and can design and customize various picking boxes for you. Picking bins are the perfect solution to the problem of limited shelf space and help organize at a low cost. Warehouse pick bins are made of folded corrugated plastic sheets, and the raw material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene. We combine the lightweight and shipping flat of corrugated plastic with the durability, long-lasting and economical features to meet your storage needs. Warehouse picking bins are ideal for retail, medical, production, and manufacturing of small to medium products. Welcome to contact Huiyuan stacking pick bins manufacturer for design and customization.


Product Name:Correx/Coroplast/Corflute Picking Bins For WarehouseColor:

Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Or Customized

Thickness:3 Mm-5 MmDensity:400GSM-1200GSM
Size:CustomizableSurface:Glossy, Flat
Material:Eco-friendly PP(Polypropylene)Application:Supermarket, Warehouse, Etc
Feature:Eco-Friendly, Heavy Duty, Foldable, Stacking, Recyclable, Cost-effectiveSample:Available, Free

Types of plastic picking boxes produced by Huiyuan

Foldind stackable picking bins

Foldind stackable picking bins are ultrasonically welded, and the bottom is designed with folding indentations. It can be folded to reduce the volume when not in use, easy to store. Our users often use it with metal shelves. Supermarkets will also choose large-sized plastic picking bins, put them next to the cash register, and put some short-term products in picking boxes for promotional activities.

Warehouse picking totes

Warehouse picking totes cannot be folded, but can be nested. The feature of these warehouse pick bins is that it is very strong and durable, so they will be used for warehouse turnover. It is used to handle some heavy products and is a moving tool from warehouse to shelf.

Correx picking bins/ correx pick bins with dividers

Correx pick bins with dividers are often used to classify products of the same type with different specifications. For example, men's socks and women's socks of the same style. It is an effective solution for segmenting products. Correx picking bins with dividers can save more costs, and solve the problem of subdividing products without increasing pick bins.

Corrugated plastic shelf bins

Corrugated plastic shelf bins can be stacked to form a shelf wall without additional metal shelves, so it is very cost-effective. Due to the buckle design, stackable picking bins of the same specification can be stacked together stably. Plastic nestable pick bins shelf walls can distinguish product areas through different colors.


Most popular sizes of corrugated plastic nestable pick bins












Many more sizes, dividers, materials, and color options are available.

Applications of warehouse picking boxes

Picking boxes for warehouse are becoming an increasingly popular solution for warehouses and retail spaces as traditional cardboard boxes are not reliable. The most common reason for this is that the cardboard cannot withstand heavy loads for long periods of time. Cardboard succumbs to the natural deterioration of fiberboard as well as UV and impact damage. As a result, these devices can become unstable and need to be replaced. Corrugated plastic picking bins are a revolutionary alternative. Because instead of having to be replaced every 6 months, they can last 5+ years depending on the grade of Correx and the design used.


Advantages of  correx euro stacking pick bins

  • Made of durable double wall fluted polypropylene

  • Flexible Picking System

  • Wide front opening maximizes pick access

  • Easy to clean, moisture-resistant surface

  • Self-locking buckle design, more convenient installation

  • Stackable freestanding design allows for movement between work areas

  • Stacks up to 5 boxes or more

  • Size and color can be customized

  • Load capacity per bin: up to 15kg or more

  • Correx pick bins are fully recyclable

  • Resistant to water, oil, grease, mildew, impact, and UV damage.

Corflute picking bin structure:


(1)Four card slots are ussed to fix stacking bins.

(2)Connecting holes are set at eight corners, integrated holes on the side of each bin allow them to be cable tied to each other for extra stability.

(3)Entrance to fetch goods easily.


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